WT Article that talks about babies being killed at armageddon....

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  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Cold Steel, you are talking about something completely different than the rest of the posters on this thread. The majority of posters here are talking about a fictional event that the WT promises and the rank and file JWs look forward to. You are talking about a fictional event that the Bible talks about and that you look forward to. Totally different things.

    But as SBF rightly says, JWs are growing faster than the population.

    More correct would be to say that the JW's rate of growth is greater than that of the population, which isn't relevant. In real numbers, there are far, far, FAR more "worldly" people born each year than convert or are born into the JW religion. The number of babies born is nearly 1000 TIMES greater than the number of increase in the JWs annually.

  • Scully

    *** w65 3/15 pp. 165-166 par. 4 Who Will Be Resurrected-Why? ***
    At the Flood all those people outside Noah's ark, namely, the men, the women, the children and babies, the Nephilim or the hybrid offspring from the marriage of disobedient angels and human daughters of men, all such then living were suddenly executed by God's direct act and were thus destroyed forever. So it will be with all persons on earth who are not in harmony with God's kingdom at the fast-approaching battle of Armageddon.

    Just wanted to emphasize that this article is over 45 years old. Armageddon must have taken the wrong turn at Albequerque, because 45 years is not "fast-approaching" by any standard.

  • wasblind

    "Armageddon must have taken the wrong turn at Albequerque,"

    Now that's a laugh!

  • skeeter1

    Regarding that picture with the woman holding the baby....

    This puts fear into our JW parents, especially when we 'goats' or 'apostates' have children of our own. Our parents try every angle to convert us back to the "Truth"

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