WT Article that talks about babies being killed at armageddon....

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  • Tuesday

    Hey folks, does anyone know which WT article talks about how babies will be killed as in the ones that were killed at Sodom and Gomorrah and the flood?

    I'm drawing a blank completely what article it was in.

    Thanks in advance everyone!

  • Mythbuster

    *** w65 3/15 pp. 165-166 par. 4 Who Will Be Resurrected-Why? ***
    At the Flood all those people outside Noah's ark, namely, the men, the women, the children and babies, the Nephilim or the hybrid offspring from the marriage of disobedient angels and human daughters of men, all such then living were suddenly executed by God's direct act and were thus destroyed forever. So it will be with all persons on earth who are not in harmony with God's kingdom at the fast-approaching battle of Armageddon.

  • WTWizard

    So Jehovah is preparing to kill babies, indiscriminately. I wonder if He is planning on eating them, too--or if He is just going to kill them for the sole pleasure of killing babies for no reason.

  • slimboyfat

    I don't know if it made it into a WT article, but there was a part in the DC a couple of years ago that said children of non-Witnesses would be killed. I remember because there was one sister who was really upset about it.

  • frigginconfused

    Whats better than ten dead babies nailed to one tree?

    One dead babie nailed to ten!

  • booby

    They are a cult. I belonged to a cult and believed all this batshit crazy stuff. Wasted 40 odd years of life. They can't say all those outside the ark were executed, nope that might not be shocking enough. They have to add the "namely" and "babies" part. The flood is one of the things that really challenges me post witness, and of course the fact that it is a picture for Armageddon where the same thing is portended. If you try to juxtapose a loving god with this kind of thinking, for me it just doesn't work. But it is interesting how it doesn't affect those still in the same. I proposed to my brother (through whom I "learned" the truth) that the slaughter of billions at Armageddon is now a stumbling block for me and his reply was that since Jehovah created all things it was his right to do whatever he chooses to do. Nice.

  • blondie

    They teach that all the babies died during the flood and when Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed. There are some articles but no CD at work.

  • undercover
    They teach that all the babies died during the flood and when Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed.

    Isn't there an illustration in one of the publications of the rising flood waters, a rock sticking up out of the water, ark in the background safely floating away... on the rock were people trying to climb to safety...and for some reason I remember a woman clutching a baby as the waters rise...

    Maybe I don't remember it correctly...or I saw it somewhere else... Anyone else remember that?

  • blondie

    Old Bible Stories book?

  • blondie

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