1914 Doctrine is FALSE -- Questions for JW's

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  • Titus

    Wow. OUTLAW defends me! Thanks OUTLAW!

    BANE, you don't know how our religion actually works. I only do what our brothers Beroeans were doing (Acts 17:11). Our brothers from Thessalonica were not as noble-minded as they, so Paul gave them advice: "Make sure of all things; hold fast to what is fine." (1 Thessalonians 5:21)

    Some GB members didn't believe that the "other sheep" from John 10:16 are non-anointed Christians, but that they are the Gentile Christians.

    Do you want to say that these GB members are not real Jehovah's Witnesses? Try to say that!

    Never ever say that I am not a Jehovah's Witness. OK, my brother BANE?

  • jwfacts

    So much time is spent on whether 607 is the correct year, and yet it is totally irrelevant. As your questions highlight, there really is no basis to think of Daniel as an end time prophecy, let alone accept the mad hatter interpretations used in order to arrive at 1914.

  • wobble

    Thanks Facts,

    succinct as usual.

    I made this point to the Elder who came to Shepherd me six months after I stopped going door to door, unable in all conscience to teach what was not in the Bible, but filled the "Bible ..Teach" book, i.e bull***t.

    I said "But it is just not there in Daniel !"

    he promised to return with answers, never has.

  • BANE

    Titus, HOW could you possibly know what the GB believes if it´s not in the publications? When you got baptized did you not answer a resounding YES to the teachings of Jehovah´s witnesses? To ALL of them. Again, it ´s not a cafeteria religion. You either believe it or ya don´t. So you are one of us or not. It is really that simple. If you don´t believe in 1914 or other things the witnesses teach then FORM your own religion.

  • moshe

    Maybe, Titus is one of the F&DS. Then he would automatically be in the spiritual loop with all the other F&DS class. That way he could know exactly what Jehoobah wants the JWs to believe. Bane, I'm still waiting for you to locate me a real F&DS person. Have you called Bethel yet?

  • Yan Bibiyan
    Yan Bibiyan
    Again, it ´s not a cafeteria religion.

    Right, it's not. That applies to bickering with apostates too.

    Have you been ignoring Mother's mandates?

    Follow your own advice, two-faced hypocrite, will ya?

  • jookbeard

    Bane it certainly is a cafeteria religion as the WTS has clearly proved, sometimes they allow themselves to be members of the UN sometimes they dont bother, sometimes they allowed organ transplants some time before they did'nt, back in the past they allowed to homosexual members of their GB to rule for decades one even abusing young boys in the House of Jerhovah, other times they allowed terrible persecution to be meted out on their own brothers in Malawi yet allowing their brothers in Mexico to purchase forged/stolen Military Exemption certificates, and right up to now still cover up a world wide paedophile scandal, and they still hold stock in a company that produces military hardware funny for a religious organization that proclaims political neutrality that the UN and a military manufacturer is very close to them, yep Bane you will never find more of a cafeteria cult then the WTS

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    DECADES in advance, Bible students proclaimed that there would be significant developments in 1914.

    Nice sugar-coating of the fact that their 1914 prophecy failed. They didn't predict that "significant developments" would occur. They made very direct and specifice predictions about what would occur in 1914, predictions that didn't come true.

  • Gorbatchov

    Dear Und.

    Im a JW and I know the doctrine is false. All the generation doctrines are false too.

    That's it.

    I visited the DC this weekend and the teaching of the new generation doctrine was realy stupid.

    Nobody understood what was told. Off course a loud applause when the DVD was released.

    Our believe is for simple minds. When you are a thinker, you've got a problem...

    What a joke, this DC.

  • BANE

    Gor, Then WHY pretend that you are one of Jehovah´s witnesses if you don´t believe it? That makes no sense to me. I hate hotdogs but I don´t pretend to eat them to be cool in front of other people. I just simply DON´T eat them!!!

    Moshe, What´s the matter? You don´t have a phone? Why don´t YOU call Bethel?

    Yan, Apostates pull that old card when they are losing. I am whipping up on you guys like Jesus used to do with the apostates of his day.

    Jook...Already been defeated 100 times now. http://jehovahsjudgment.co.uk/607/default.html http://thirdwitness.com/childabuse/default.html http://settingtherecordstraight.wordpress.com/category/ray-franzs-conscience-not-really-in-crisis/ http://www.jehovahsjudgment.co.uk/watchtower-un-ngo/

    Do you really want me to KEEP pasting this everytime you say something stupid?

    All of your points have been THRASHED! I win.

    Keyser, Um no...Read the proclaimers book...IF you can read that is.

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