1914 Doctrine is FALSE -- Questions for JW's

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  • Titus

    BANE, don't overreact anymore. Be relaxed!

  • wobble

    "Read the proclaimers Book"

    That statement has convinced me that Bane is carrying on a very long joke pretending to be an Apologist foe JW beliefs, to make them look even more stupid than they really are.

    As soon as that book came out I said that it had been written to answer the claims of those who had left the religion, and I knew it was a cover up job, to re-write history.

    Only a JW with no working brain cells would give any credence to it.

    Keep the joke going Bane, it is quite well done, just don't let the odd sensible or believable comment slip in, you haven't so far !

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze
    Keyser, Um no...Read the proclaimers book...IF you can read that is.

    I have read that piece of revisionist history. Your point?

  • jookbeard

    what bit is defeated Bane homosexual GB member Leo Greenlees raping boys in his room in Bethel or the full membership as an NGO of the UN , the stock the WTS holds in weaponry that brings suffering and death to millions wasn't defeated. Child abusers now frequent my old congregation Bane, Micheal Porter has been welcomed with open arms there after raping an 18 month old baby boy among other abuses this pervert has a penchant for, yet if I was to walk into that KH I'd be treated as worse then this paedophile, great policy dont you think?

  • Gorbatchov

    Hi Bane,

    I'm a born-in JW, 39 years old, 4th generation. I don't want to lose my family when I leave.

    So that's it.


  • just n from bethel
    just n from bethel

    Gorb and anyone else answering BANE - I had to know who this guy was so I tracked him down and sure enough:

    It's this guy

    So now you know who you're replying to.

  • BANE

    Jook, ALL those points I JUST defeated 3 posts up for crying out loud. Just because you refuse to acknowledge them doesn´t give them any less credence. You LOST! Get over it.

    As far as the other things you just mentioned...Hearsay. I don´t believe a word you say about it.

  • miseryloveselders

    You guys were just on the recieving end of a Biblicle smackdown. Consider yourselves Scripturized.

  • thetrueone

    Does Bane have an answer to this -

    The 2,520 years began in October 607 B.C.E., when Jerusalem fell to the Babylonians and the David king was taken off his throne. The period ended in October 1914. At that time, “the appointed times of the nations” ended, and Jesus Christ was installed as God’s heavenly King.—

    Going beyond what is written in the bible are we BANE, what Scripture can you point to that states that

    Jesus would give a calculable date to his Faithful Discrete Slave on his return also the bible did not say it would be

    an invisible return. Seven times seven has no relevance in the bible as a calculable math of sorts, unless your a book publishing

    company trying to draw interest.

    Deceiving asshole Watchtowerites made this date up to help spur the circulation of their publications,

    in other words it was a commercialized venture by some blatant religious charlatans known as the WTS.

    publishing company.

    The other maligning lie that the WTS. used was 1914 was derived by the bogus ideology known as

    Pyramidology ( Pagan Idolatry ) postulated by C T Russell himself.

    Idiot JWS today know nothing about this because the WTS has hidden it well for many decades.

    Bullshit sells as we all know and people like BANE eat it up with assured confidence.

  • BANE

    UmTrueone...WHAT kind of money are they making exactly? HOW is 1914 beneficial in ANY way to make money with? So if I just walk down the street and say 1914 people will give me money? I donate very little just to pay a light bill once and awhile. The org gives away it´s magazines FOR FREE! That´s right. Free. You do NOT have to give money if you don´t want to.

    So HOW exactly is 1914 a money making scam? If it were why don´t the other religions teach it? If the date 1914 magically makes people give you money I SWEAR I will open up a 1914 store. Then I could retire to Fiji.

    Totally looney you must be.

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