YOU TUBE My Jehovah's Witness Story: Raped By a Circuit Overseer

by Lady Lee 76 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • truthseekeriam

    So very sad...

    Please take it to the authorities, even if nothing is done you will be able to feel better knowing that you at least tried.

    I for one will always error on the side of support of a victim, if I'm wrong. Shame on them. If I'm right, I was one less person to harm the victim for speaking up.

    I have been on the other side when my daughter accused a fellow JW of molesting her. Many believed the molester over her which tore at our heart..."how can they doubt someone brave enough to speak up?" Well in time the creep admitted to being a child molester and those people who believed him were left feeling quite foolish for taking a stand on his side.

    My opinion...Offer a kind word and sit back and wait for it to be proven or not. Don't add salt to an open wound by calling someone a liar before you know for sure.

  • joeleejr44

    This is a crazy story but nothing even surprise me about Jehovah Witness when I hear about stories like this.I know when I was a Witness I heard of stories like this in my congregation that's the reason I left. I hope this young kid makes it because things like this can stain his life forever. I went through similar things like this thats why I wrote a book about my experiences. My book is entitled "Growing Up A Witness" and it tells about the things I wnt through with my mom who is still a Witness today. I encourage this young kid to still pray to God and believe in him and not men who run these Relgions. My book websit is May God continue to bless everyone who may be involve with Jehovah Witnesses and there belief

    Joe Lee

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  • asilentone

    Joe, do not advertise on someone else's thread. Bad Advertising! You will not get many buyers that way.

  • asilentone

    Joe, you will not get any buyers because of your posting on this thread. There are other ways you can advertise your book. You have ruined your image already. Oh well, Let Randy Watters at read your book for free and if he likes your book, he will talk about it. Good Luck! You are going to need it or you will never get any more buyers.

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    I'd be HAPPY to consult with him...

    Kimberlee D. Norris

    attorney at law

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