YOU TUBE My Jehovah's Witness Story: Raped By a Circuit Overseer

by Lady Lee 76 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • chickpea

    @ the true one

    the details this young man offers, including
    the VERY artful "grooming" practice of an
    abuser, asking him about what clothes he
    likes and how they feel when he wears them
    shows that the "alleged" perp knew the game
    and knew how to find/make opportunities to
    devour another soul..... despicable human offal!!!

  • thetrueone

    aren't elders required to show loyalty to Jehovah's Org first ?

    That all varies into who and which elder and what circumstance are involved, if an elder is approached by a solid member

    of a congregation about an incident, some may investigate the situation and some may say this is just a concocted lie and leave it alone.

    To be honest if a person was confronted with an accusation of this kind it wouldn't be hard to see guilt on the person who was being accused.

    The elder may or may not take upon himself as his own responsibility to investigate the accusation.

    You have to admit though that it would far reach for a lad to make up a story like this, unless he's short of a few bricks.

  • thetrueone

    Yes I see that too Chickpea.

    You have to admit though that the whole story is so over the top it warrants some kind of leveled headed scrutiny.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Poor guy.

  • thetrueone

    Well, not only is it a kid's word against a CO's word, the CO may have also threatened the kid into silence too.

    Thats a good point Scully, many perpetrators know of the consequences of having their misdeeds divulged openly,

    one way in their minds to stop this occurring is to threaten the victim into silence.

    Religious leaders like this CO have a thick white sheet over themselves that's presumed that no one can see through it.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Watching this video makes me think that he seems stoned, paranoid, and out of touch with reality; might have a bit of a mental health issue by his behavior while telling his story.

    The fact that he doesn't even give the CO's name makes it pure slander, at best. Can be a completely fabricated story.

    If he's so sure of this, he should've gone to the authorities. He can still do that now, so that the appropriate disciplinary steps can be taken against this person who allegedly abused him.

    So, young man, if you're not lying or fabricating this story, if this is true, lawyer up and take action against the Organization.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Over the years that I have been on this board a number of men stepped forward and said they were abused as kids. Not one was able to say anything at the time.

    Being sexually abused by a man when you are still a boy raised so many questions and such confusion along with the guilt, shame and secrecy placed on them by the abuser that it is amazing any of them ever get to a point of disclosure.

  • Violia

    Sometimes people who are suffering from PTSD look like that. Also,he may be on medications b/c if what he said is ture, he may not be able to deal reality or he may have become mentally ill. I would not be too quick to judge yet. This is an area that has not received too much attention on the boards b/c men in general are more ashamed to admit they were abused by another male ( homo phob stuff) .

  • asilentone

    It might be a videotape of Bane. Have him take the polygraph exam otherwise I would not believe him.

  • DeathSentry

    While I understand the prevailng perspectives on this subject, my father is an elder and he definitely would have brought it up to through the organization and if nothing was done, he would have taken it to the police. He takes a much more realistic view of the society acknowleding that as a man-made instituation its open to flaws like any other.

    I feel so bad for this victim and any others out there from any religion/organization (e.g. boy scouts), etc. I knew of one molester who would only date women with preteen daughters and he'd always arrange to rape them while the mother was away and "clean-up" any evidence as well as threaten the girls. Thank goodness he got caught on another criminal offense and is doing time now, I sure hope his fellow inmates wreak some revenge on him, child molestation is one of the most despicable acts anyone can ever due and should require, IMHO, a minimum of 20 years in prison/life

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