YOU TUBE My Jehovah's Witness Story: Raped By a Circuit Overseer

by Lady Lee 76 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Interesting story. This fellow needs encouragement to go to the police. The CO was later promoted to DO

  • chickpea


    he still has so much shame weighing him down...
    i hope he gets the help he needs to process this
    all too typical and ubiquitous "ecclesiastical gift"
    that just keeps on giving.... a pox on all abusers!

  • Bangalore

    This organization needs to come clean. Too many cases of abuse.


  • wannabefree

    He left this response on youtube.

    "His name's Roger Smith. I? think he lives in Ontario Canada, but I'm not entirely sure."

    Captainchocolate1 14 hours ago

  • Deceived

    How old was he when this happened. He looks pretty young now.

    It is unbelievable how many hypocrites are out there claiming to be servants of Jehovah's Org. SHOCKING

  • flipper

    Wow. This poor young man. My heart ached for him. This evil organization needs to address this problem and bring perpetrators to justice. It's disgusting. I hope this young man is getting proper support and professional counseling at present. Lady Lee- Are you aware if he is receiving such counsel ? Thanks for posting this

  • Scully

    His YouTube profile says he's 34 years old, which would have made him about 16 or 17 when the incident occurred.

    Although I don't ever recall, when the CO came over for dinner, that my family would decide at the last minute what to make for dinner after the CO and his wife showed up.... maybe the CO and his wife were overnight guests at their home for the week of the visit??

  • Deceived

    He looks a lot younger Now than 34??? I was thinking early 20's.

    Way back when I was a kid my parents always had the circuit overseer stay at our place for the whole visit so opportunities like this would have been common.

    I can see them going to get groceries even if it was a last minute idea to invite them for suppeer. If they knew he was coming to dinner beforehand then I would wonder why they would not have dinner ingredients on hand.

  • Titus

    Hi guy!

    If you read this, you must know that a big system of your state will support you. Police, the law, courts and justice are on your side!

    You don't need to feel fear. Go to police for that!

    Don't ask for help someone here, SilentLambs, or your friends.

    You need professional help! Go to police!


  • EndofMysteries

    They were obviously OVERNIGHT guests or he wouldn't have said he had to take a shower. His clothes and such would be where he was staying originally. So CO had to take a shower, and rest of them went to pick up stuff for salad.

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