Why are you here, Bane?

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  • zoiks

    Why are you still here, dude? Get working on WitnessApostates.com so we can go there! Every day, I say to myself, "This website is misnamed. The name is misleading and disrespectful to Bane and the WTS. But...where else would I go?"

  • NomadSoul

    How about this, Bane. You go ahead and make an apostate site for all the ex-JWs, name it appropriately, and wait for them to come. It could be like a trap! You could record all of the IP addresses, and then give them to the Society. The GB, in turn, could hand them off to Jesus, who would use them to more quickly and accurately find apostates at armageddon so he could kill them with extra everlasting cutting-off.

    HAHAHAHA This is the funniest post so far!

  • palmtree67

    Bane said he's a pioneer and that he counts the time he spends here.

    That's why he's here. This is way easier than door-to-door, especially for socially inept people.


    This is Bane from the Batman comics. Hugely muscled, cunning, and downright a genius. He broke the guy no one could break.

    I break apostates and eat them for breakfast. I out muscle, out cun, and out scripturize them at every turn.

    Apostates think they are immune. They are not......Bane

    Bane is obviously a good choice for you..

    Every day you fight Public Perception that your a Moron..

    ........................... ...OUTLAW

  • Violia

    Bane you are going to be so embarassed when another "true witness of jehovah" rats you out to the elders and prints all the stuff you have posted here. They are not going to let you count this time, you know.

    Are you going to be the bane of our existence?

    Bane I am here b/c the wts is not God's org. I don't think He has one.

  • Ice cream
    Ice cream

    That's odd i googled BANE and got this pic!

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Hey, go easy on Bane. Less that .1% of the entire world's population shares his JW theology. If the last surviving dodo bird posted on this site claiming that dodos were making a great comeback and would soon take over the world, we wouldn't want to slaughter it or completely dash its fantasies with details and facts that would prove otherwise. No, we would put the dodo in Shamus100's cage after we clean out all the monkey sh!t.

  • Twitch
    I agree with you Bane I find the name of this site very dishonest and wonder how many innocent witnesses wandered on to this site and got drawn into the propaganda against witnesses that the majority do on here.

    LOL. Classic. Poor lil witnesses would be drawn into this site and be misled because of the site's name. Essentially, Debator and Bane don't give their brethren much credit do they? The average jojo hasn't got the mental horsepower to discern what this site is about and the nature of those who post here. They'll join up thinking that because of the name, it will be righteous and Jehovah approved because they obviously can't think for themselves. We apostates are lying and misleading them on purpose. LMAO.

    Bane, how did your request with Simon go on the name change? What did he say?

    Admit it, you love it here. You love the attention. You love being persecuted in his name. You love the feeling you get from the fantasy that you're righteous and better than us (and the world in general) You should thank us for indulging you Bane. We give you what you want. Some of us anyways.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    "I break apostates and eat them for breakfast"

    Remember the old saying Bane: "You are what you eat" Your presence here proves you don't obey the Watchtower either....but that's ok with us.

  • mrsjones5

    He ain't got the balls to do that Twitch. He's afraid he'll get banned again by Simon.

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