Why are you here, Bane?

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    Twitch, It would prove me right if I were banned. So Simon would ban just because one said he should change the name? And you guys complain about disfellowshipping? I thought this was supposed to be a FREE place to express oneĀ“s thoughts? HAHA! The hypocrisy is hilarious to me.

    Who said you'd be banned for wanting the name changed? Your leading questions are a poor attempt at deflection.

    You didn't answer my question, Bane. Have you asked the site owner about changing the name? If not, why not? We're ok with it; in fact we kinda like it. You've made such a fuss about it, I don't understand why YOU don't do anything about it, 'cept bitch and complain. Have you only one nut, as in you're only half the man you should be?

    You've expressed a lot of thoughts here much to the chagrin of decent people and haven't been banned, yet. So yes, it is a place for free speech. Have you been real with the elders when you report your counted time here? Do you think they'll pat you on the back? No, you're a$$ will be grass. You know it, I know it. So who's the hypocrite here? I speak truth on this; your mojo is weak. The Holy Spirit has failed you.

    On the very real chance you piss Simon off again and do get banned, my prediction is that you'll be back under another name. Do you like my prediction, Bane? Let's see if it's right. I dare you to prove me wrong.

    Thank me, Bane. I'm one of the few who'll still talk to you. That is until the New World Order happens (is that correct, it is New World Order, right?)

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