Have your JW Relatives Explained about Generation/Overlap Change to You ?

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  • hamsterbait

    The 606/607 thing:

    Why didnt they change the End of the GEntile times to 1915?

    For the same reason the WTBTS trims its sales to the current political trends. They fit their propaganda to whip up the fear in prospective members.

    The "Your Will On Earth Book" is not on the CURRENT CD for obvious reasons.


  • The Finger
    The Finger


    I think you missed the point that the 4026 was published as the start of the seventh day nothing to do with Eve's creation and we studied it 1975 but so many elders still claim they never said anything about 1975

  • hamsterbait

    DJ eggnog

    You disobey the Faithful and Discreet Slave by engaging in dialogue on this board.

    You are a HYPOCRITE.

    You are a LIAR.

    You will get the SAME JUDGEMENT you say we on this board will receive.

    You DISGUST me.

    IF anything puts me off even more from rejecting the WT religion, it is your posts on this board.

    Since your words have pushed me to reject the WT and DIE you are bloodguilty.

    Remember this in your last moments on a life support machine - you will no more get a resurrection than any of us.



    Oh, and Brooklyn now knows you are an elder in Los Angeles. If you are not there, that is another lie to account for.

  • The Finger
    The Finger


    You explained the progressive nature of the truth. What the truth is today. So let's go back to 1974 and imagine that that is where we are today.

    The new book just released at our summer assembly tells us that 4026 started the 7th creative day. We understand that the creative days are 7000 years long. We are deep in the time of the end. The generation that saw 1914 is old my grandfather who fought in the 1st world war is 86.

    If we do the math we only have just over a year or the 7th creative day is not 7000 years long if there is to be a 1000 year reign of Christ. My friend is told by the circuit overseer she may only get a few months of pioneering in if she starts now. The presiding overseer has called a meeting of the elders and ministerial servants to tell them that he feels concerned that some are not showing in the way they talk that they believe we are this close to the end. The field service overseer opens the meeting with the words "brothers we only have months left"

    This is where God's chariot is. This is what i am being told by God's channel of communication his faithful slave. So I act, believing that within months the biggest calamity to ever hit mankind will strike. What were you doing? I drop out of high school to pioneer.

    Do you think i have good reason not to trust the faithful and discreet slave class? Do you think I want some elder who wasnt even born coming to my house to tell me how selfish people were in 1975 if they thought the end was coming?

    Do you not know that men have been appointed as overseers over
    the flock in the congregations of God, and that I am qualified to judge you?.....DjeggNogg

    Your as important here,as you are in the outside world..

    Your a nobody..

    Remember that the next time your in the real world..


    You hang your head,because you know exactly how important you are..

    Dumb Ass..

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • flipper

    OUTLAW- I agree with you. Eggnog is a " legend in his own mind " indeed.

    EGGNOG - The only person you are qualified or have the right to judge or deal with - is yourself. Your illusions of grandeur astound me. Well- not really. I saw a lot of power mad people in the JW's in my 44 years as one. I highly suggest you look at your own life and juge yourself before acting like ou are sitting at God's right hand or something

  • Ding

    Hamsterbait asked, "

    The 606/607 thing:

    Why didnt they change the End of the Gentile times to 1915?"

    Because it's easier for the Watchtower to rewrite history than to change its chronology.

  • flipper

    DING- Not only the Jehovah's Witnesses have tried to re-write history, but the Adventists whom Russell got his info about the Gentile times from in the first place. History is full of accounts of MANY different people, individually or collectively in a cult or religion - trying to control people by saying they know the " end times " or " end of the world " mantra. It's actually been used more as a weapon to control people in my opinion through the centuries and keep them sedated mentally. They all claim to know when IT " is coming " and they know how " to save " people from it

  • caliber

    1958 "'Sometime between April 16 and 23, 1957, Armageddon will sweep the world! Millions of persons will perish in its flames and the land will be scorched.' So prophesied a certain California pastor, Mihran Ask, in January 1957. Such false prophets tend to put the subject of Armageddon in disrepute." Watchtower, Oct. 15, 1958, p. 613

    Question.... Why can the above pastor be labeled a "false prophet " simply because his predicted date has past , maybe he was just" eager" for God's will for man to come to pass ? According to the WT if you get the event right but the time frame wrong you are not a false prophet .

    The Wt was "eager" for something major to happen in each of these years ..

    1914, 1918, 1920, 1925, 1941, 1975 and 1994

    Maybe "the Faithful and discret slave" could use this one 2034 .. it could buy over twenty years of grace !!


    John Denton. (Bible Research & Investigation Co)

    Chart 10:4 THE TWO COVENANTS PLUS 37 1/2 YEARS


    Abraham called End of 1st Covenant Great Crowd

    Out of Babylon Start of 2nd Covenant Called out of

    to set up 'Seed' AD 33/34 Babylon the

    Contract | Great

    1968 BC 1931 BC<-Start of | Maturity of-->1997 2034

    | Period | Circumcision | Kingdom | Period |

    | called | Covenant | Covenant | Called |

    | out | | | out |

    |<-37 1/2y>|<-- 1,963 years --->|<---1,963 years----->|<-37 1/2y>|


    | | | | |

    1968 BC 1931 BC AD 33/34 1997 2034

    |<--------- 2,000 years ------->|<-------- 2,000 years --------->|

  • flipper

    CALIBER- If it involves keeping JW's committed to the cult and sending in their financial contributions- I'm sure the WT soociety will think of more dates in the future to keep the JW members hooked into their system. Whether it's 2034 or some other date- WT society won't give up trying to control it's members for sure

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