Have your JW Relatives Explained about Generation/Overlap Change to You ?

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  • flipper

    After reading On the Way Out's thread about his mom explaining the generation overlap to him it kicked this idea into my head to make this thread . I thought it would be helpful to see if anybody here has had JW relatives or friends try to explain this " generation overlap " theory to you as a faded or inactive witness and what happened in the conversations. So please feel free to post your experiences. Perhaps we can get some insight on how to approach this with active JW's ! Thanks, look forward to your takes and experiences ! Peace out to all, Mr. Flipper

  • Mary

    I had warned my sister months ago that they were changing the generation doctrine yet again. She had her ASSembly a few weeks ago and made mention of it. It her words: "It's just stupid" and "It's nothing but bullshit". For some reason, while she believes it's 'the Truth', she's never believed that Jesus returned in 1914, or that Armageddon would come in her lifetime. She and our dad have had countless arguments about it over the years. When my father started talking to her about how "close Armageddon must be" she said "dad, you and I had this same conversation over 30 years ago, remember?"

    She also made another comment to me. She made mention that some bro was up there warning them not to 'think anything negative about the F&DS' or something to that effect. It really irked her and she said to me after that "it felt like they're trying to control your thinking".


  • flipper

    MARY- Very interesting about your sister having doubts. If she knows it's nothing but BS- does she just stay in the witnesses for family ? I can understand that- because I did for years as I had doubts for about 14 years or so before I finally exited due to the generation teaching. That's good that your sister notices the GB getting more controlling over members thinking- maybe someday she'll finally say " enough is enough " and leave the cult. Step by step. One brick at a time. Good to hear she's thinking critically though. Good luck to you with her

  • ShirleyW

    Per our conversation, have you gotten around to asking your daughters what they think about it?

  • flipper

    SHIRLEY W- No, I haven't asked my daughters RECENTLY . Because they won't return my phone calls ! LOL !

    However- About 2 months ago I chatted with my youngest daughter ( the stubborn one ) and just mentioned to her about the generation overlap article and told her I read it a little. I mentioned that the WT society is saying that the generation involves anointed in 1914 AND newer current anointed all in one generation seeing armageddon come. And just mentioning the article to her she said " Dad, you are sounding apostate ! " And all I did was just tell her what was in the article ! LOL ! So I dropped it. WT society is making these witnesses more and more paranoid of dealing with ANYBODY outside the cult ! Crazy

  • Soldier77

    Actually, that's pretty funny MrFlipper. You were just repeating to her the watchtowers instruction on the new generation and then she responds with that statement. It's so in your face ridiculous that they don't even see it!

  • Olin Moyles Ghost
    Olin Moyles Ghost

    I know JWs who sound a lot like Mary's sister. I was probably similar for a while, too. A lot of these folks are in their comfort zone as Witnesses. They grew up in the faith, all their friends are JWs, often the work for/with other JWs, etc. So there's a lot to lose and not a lot to gain by leaving the religion. For many, being a JW is truly the easy way out.

  • undercover
    ...being a JW is truly the easy way out.

    Remember in the Matrix when Cypher decided he wanted back in the Matrix. He knew is wasn't real, but it was easier.

    JWs are the same way. Show them the red pill and the blue pill after exposing something bad about the WTS and most will take the blue pill...cause it's easier to not think about. They let the Matrix i.e. the Organization tell them how, what, when to think and do.

    And that's very frustrating when you know many JWs and you see them live a life not up to true JW standards. They sneak around and break the rules, yet they'll be there for the meetings, they'll go out in service, they'll kiss the right asses. And then dare criticize those of us who stood up for real truth...

  • flipper

    SOLDIER 77- Yeah, it was really crazy. LOL ! I mean- ALL I was doing was vitually reading verbatim to my daughter what was IN the April 15th WT then she said" Dad, you're sounding apostate ! " I felt like saying to her " Well- You better check on the GB if THEY are apostate or the writing committee - because THAT is where this came from ! " LOL ! Indeed witnesses are really blind.

    OLIN MOYLES GHOST- Very true. I think that is where my 2 adult daughters are right now- " they have a lot to lose if they leave the cult ". Both my daughters husbands families are in the witnesses - so it IS more of a comfort zone for them not to rock the boat and venture away from the witnesses. I can only hope with time they'll come to their senses.

    UNDERCOVER- I agree- the WT society is like the Matrix to many witnesses. And as you say- so mANY of them are just staying in it to patronize family inside while others are doing things and living their lives in direct opposition to what they're being taught, either by conduct or their inner belief system. In other words - many are just putting on a show and just pretending to believe. Yet WE are the bad guys to them because we stood up for what WE believe in. Ridiculous. Hopefully some will continue to exit with this " generation overlap " theory. We can only hope

  • Gorbatchov

    I have signs of changed thinking of family members: they dislike the new generation doctrine. They also told me they stay JW for the family.

    "Some people collect stamps, and we have another hobby: being JW's" a family member told me.

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