Is The Watchtower Organization A Cult To You?

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  • booby

    what about this one alice

    You are either ignorant of many witness policies or simply pretend to be. On every question one could examine they can be shown to be basically hypocrites. Lets just look at the money issue, it is a good example. They accuse church's of using collection plates and this is soo terrible, but they have contribution boxes at every conspicuous spot. One for the worldwide work, one for kingdom hall builds, etc. and there are constant reminders to use them. Before the demise of the congregation book study there was even a box at those locations. So they are no different on that front. And I feel it goes with almost all things. Simple example. One proof that trinity is wrong (and I am not making a statement about it one way or the other here) is because you can't even find the term in the bible. Well can you show me where to find "governing body"? And you could go on and on.

  • lifelong humanist
    lifelong humanist

    Alice, I'm no longer a religious person. I do not believe in the existence of any god. To me, this life is all there is and every day is precious.

    However, this thread was about whether the WT is a cult. I believe that it most certainly is.

    Outside of the JW cult, there are some 'more enlightened' religions. Freethinkers can hold their own ideas and beliefs, yet find enjoyment from being in a religious group setting. These individuals are not looked down upon as a result. They are free to discuss what they feel and believe, and can do so without fear of suffering any penalties. If a person decides to quit membership, that is OK, too - no disciplinary action is taken. Personal freedom is allowed to exist - no one 'polices' the membership, looking for secret faults and getting some sick pleasure from reporting back to HQ so judicial action can commence.

    lifelong humanist

  • Out at Last!
    Out at Last!

    Min, have you read Combatting Cult Mind Control? If you have, there should be NO question. The answer is: YES, YES, YES!

  • wobble

    Some on this thread have said they "believe" JW's are a cult. I don't just believe I know they are a cult.

    AIW does the usual JW crap argument thing, all religions are the same, so it is O.K for us to be a cult.


    As L. L Humanist has pointed out, the vast majority of religions, especially in Christendom, are not mind-controlling cults.

    Some seem to get hung up on the trap the WT has laid to say "we don't follow one man" so we are not a cult, this is their definition of a cult , not mine.

    A good book on the subject is "Churches that Abuse" by Dr. Ronald Enroth.

  • thenoblelodge

    Yes it is.

    @ Alice the WTs group leader isn't Christ it's the GB. They have changed songs in the new song book to give credit to the GB in places where it used to give credit to Christ.

  • Black Sheep
  • metatron

    Alice, you're hilarious.

    You could repaste your lengthy list of scriptures into almost any site that defends a "Christian" group. Born-agains, Mormons, You name it....

    You simply quote whatever texts you wish and pretend that the ideal expressed actually applies to Witnesses - as opposed to the sad reality of deception and mind control.

    For me the matter is clear. You've got 7 million suckers fanatically believeing that Armageddon is "Soon" even though the organization has been dead wrong for 130 years. If people can buy into that silliness, they're in a cult.


  • Highlander

    If you are willing to shun a beloved family member or friend for leaving the group, or commit suicide for the group(blood doctrine) then you are most definitely controlled by the jw cult.

    Actually, the blood doctrine can also be classified as murder when it involves parents witholding proper medical care from their children. Not as common in the US due to child protection laws, but still common in other parts of the world. In that case, you would be a worthless, piece of crap human being, in addition to being a jw cult member.

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    HIGHLANDER- Excellent points ! What Highlander said

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