Aren't You Embarrassed That YOU Ever Believed Any Of The Watchtower Bullsh*t?

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  • minimus

    Because of (Satan's) internet, we are here to stay!

  • WTWizard

    It's not embarrassing when I had nothing to cross-reference the Washtowel lies with. All I had to go by was the Suffer Forever book, the other littera-trash, and the scumbags that dragged me into the cancer. They made it look like anything else was from Satan, thereby closing off access to anything that might expose a flaw in the Washtowel teachings.

  • finallysomepride

    i was born into the bullshit so no I'm not embarrassed, but have been at various times totally pissed off

  • anewme

    I feel like Damocles who said he was inducted in the early 70s. Its true that was an exciting time for the witnesses.

    The world was falling apart with drug use and sexual experimentation and Vietnam war and racial tension and cold war and assasinations and discussions of world pollution. Aids wasnt even identified yet.

    The witnesses had an Armageddon campaign going on and they were recruiting young people into the pioneer service for the purpose of finding lost young people like me concerned about the world.

    I was 17 and accepted an invitation to a meeting. The witnesses were on fire with zeal in those days. The comments from old timers and the zeal for the ministry and the attention to Bible prophecy were too much for me to resist. I really cared about the earth and about decency and the witnesses seemed like they were telling me the truth. It made sense to give it a shot if the big T followed by the big A really was coming in 1975.

    When you get involved in a group, marry into it, make friends, etc it can get pretty tricky to get out of it especially if there is hell to pay when you do.

    Painful as it was to leave it all, after 10 years now it feels very good to be free of the mind control and group control.

    I was in for 35 long boring years.

    Some days I am very sad about all that I lost because of the Watchtower Society.

    But hey, at least I didnt join the Manson Family!

    It definitely could have been worse for me! I keep this in mind.



  • minimus

    I feel for JWs that can't see the

  • NomadSoul

    Well not really embarrased but I do laugh at the things I used to believe.

  • minimus
  • ZeusRocks

    Embarassed would probably be the wrong kind of word. Looking back I would say embarassment was only a small part, the biggest I would say I am appalled at not only what I believed but what I would defend. I was in a discussion with someone at work on the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and she was saying what a monster god was for killing innocent children. Of course you give the usual BS response about them being children of wicked parents yadayadayada. Even Jesus Sermon on the Mount which is full of stupid analogies and bad advice for living.

    To me now it's just appalling not only what I believed since birth, but what you would actually say to people in order to defend those beliefs. I'm sure many people were embarassed for me though.

  • dgp

    Sorry because the thread isn't about this, but I have to comment on Alice in Wonderland's post:

    What is most unsettling about the people that used to be one of Jehovah's Witnesses here is they believe different things in the context of religion but the one truth that has global appeal is false.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I can't see "the one truth with global appeal"!

    Someone else please help me and post one of those little cute emoticons rolling on the floor laughing.

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