Aren't You Embarrassed That YOU Ever Believed Any Of The Watchtower Bullsh*t?

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  • NiceDream

    Yes, I had doubts as a teen (I was a born-in). I could have researched my doubts then and made a break for it, but instead I supressed them for another decade.

    It's sad watching your intelligent, logical loved ones cling to beliefs even if they are spiritually "weak" or "inactive." I wish they would just give it up already!!!

  • Ilovebirthdays

    Not anymore. Another born in here. I got out on my 25th birthday, and I don't think I would have had any skills to survive before then, since I wasn't even allowed to have a job until I was 21. (If I'm going to be embarrassed about something, I think I'd pick the fact I let my parents dictate I couldn't have a job until then as something to be embarrassed about.) I was born and raised in a cult, and I managed to make it out. That's what matters.

    What I am is grateful that I got out before I was married and had kids. I don't have to deal with all the, um, stuff that comes with being married to a JW when I'm not one, and my kids are growing up being able to enjoy so many things I wasn't able to.

  • tec


    People make mistakes.


  • minimus

    When you tell ANYONE about their views on education, people look like they're shocked! JWs WANT to be the "most uneducated people on earth".

  • JWoods

    I think what embarrasses me the most is giving tacit approval to the idea that god was shortly going to come down to earth and KILL billions of people simply because they were not JWs.

    That is really the core doctrine of the JWs, and it is quite simply mad dog serial killer crazy.

    I am ashamed that I even went along with it (while not really believing it for a fact) for the last 10 years I was in.

  • minimus

    Yes, JWoods, but where were we supposed to go?

  • JWoods
    Yes, JWoods, but where were we supposed to go?

    I guess there wasn't anywhere when everybody else on earth was on death row. Doubly ridiculous when you think that they were rigidly anti-war and would go to prison or worse to avoid killing - when at the same time they believed their god was going to kill everybody anyway.

  • wasblind


  • techdotcom

    Nah, but I am still embarrased by the goofy perm I got back in the 80's. Bad memory.....

  • pirata

    Ironically, I used to be more embarrased when I "believed" it. I always felt uncomfortable explaining "my" beliefs to others when they asked, some of the things "I" believed didn't quite seem right, but, like a good JW, I shoved any inkling of a doubt to the dark recesses of my mind. Now, I have much less "fear of man" when people ask me about "my" beliefs. I just tell them what the leadership tells JWs to believe without trying to sugar-coat anything.

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