Aren't You Embarrassed That YOU Ever Believed Any Of The Watchtower Bullsh*t?

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  • little witch
    little witch

    We must all understand this, that we were all for various reasons, easy targets. We were all mice living in a feild watched by vultures (birds of prey).

    Most of us ran back to our burrows, licked our wounds, realized we were lucky to get out alive, and came back out better and more careful than we were before.

    Oh, did I mention that now we are armed?

    (knowledge is power)


  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Yes I am embarrassed; plus angry, bitter, depressed, ashamed.....


  • chickpea

    self-depricating to a point, as in "what the HELL was i thinking?"
    knowing full well i was NOT thinking, but deeply grieving the deaths
    of a brother and a son.... so while it would be BEYOND excellent to
    never have had the b0rg influence my life and the lives of my children
    to the extent it did.... who knows what else might have been a more
    detrimental influence; as bad as it has turned out to be there is no
    denying things could have turned out worse... but i'll never know

    i am able to speak quite publically as a board member of an
    LGBT advocacy group about my time in the cult.... anything
    i can do to warn people off the JWs is worth a little facial flush!!

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    I remember one day I was sitting on my porch thinking about it all. An incredible sense of shame came over me. Being a born in there was lots of embarrassing moments as a JW along the way.

    I thought "Man, this is really embarrassing!" Then I told my husband I was feeling that way. He said shamefully, "yeah me too."

    After that we cracked up laughing at the irony of it all.

    Cult Classic

  • designs

    Did your folks tell you about Santa Claus and Tooth Fairies................yea its kinda like that

  • minimus

    I just told a guy that JWs don't encourage education beyond high school and that they censure any that go to college. He was shocked.

  • leftbelow

    I was also born in and everytime I try to explain to someone one of the crazy things I used to believe I always have to stop half way and mention outloud "how did I ever believe this crap"

  • minimus
  • yknot


    Like Eve, I was thoroughly deceived.


    What is most unsettling about the people that used to be one of Jehovah's Witnesses here is they believe different things in the context of religion but the one truth that has global appeal is false. How can you claim the Bible is illogical, immoral and untrue if you're not even in agreement amongst yourself about the nature of God, his existence or non-existence? Why is what you believe anymore credible than what the Bible teaches?

    Rbi8 p. 6 Introduction

    THE Holy Bible is a written revelation from the Sovereign Lord Jehovah to all people on this earth. This inspired book has global appeal, since it contains good news of a God-designed Messianic Kingdom that will establish peace and righteousness forever on a united Paradise earth. It shows that God lovingly provided a legal recovery from death for the world of fallen mankind by means of the ransom sacrifice of his Son Jesus Christ.—John 3:16.

    This 1984 revised edition of the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures richly enhances accurate Bible knowledge by means of several distinctive features such as the marginal (cross) references, an extensive footnote apparatus, a concordance (Bible Words Indexed) and an appendix. Modern computerization has assisted greatly in preparing these features.

    MARGINAL REFERENCES: There are more than 125,000 marginal (cross) references in this edition. These citations demonstrate that there is at least a second witness to almost every Biblical matter. A careful comparison of the marginal references and an examination of the accompanying footnotes will reveal the interlocking harmony of the 66 Bible books, proving that they comprise one book, inspired by God.

    it-1 p. 310 Bible

    No other book took so long to complete as the Bible. In 1513 B.C.E. Moses began Bible writing. Other sacred writings were added to the inspired Scriptures until sometime after 443 B.C.E. when Nehemiah and Malachi completed their books. Then there was a gap in Bible writing for almost 500 years, until the apostle Matthew penned his historic account. Nearly 60 years later John, the last of the apostles, contributed his Gospel and three letters to complete the Bible’s canon. So, all together, a period of some 1,610 years was involved in producing the Bible. All the cowriters were Hebrews and, hence, part of that people “entrusted with the sacred pronouncements of God.”—Ro 3:2.

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