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    I'm with Podobear on this case , though I understand the sensitivities involved. Is the guy an active danger to the kids in the congregation? I would assume JWs would have been told never to let their children be alone with him. He served a prison sentence. He will never again hold any kind of position in the congregation.

  • wantstoleave

    Oh my goodness...how awful!!! I sincerely hope that people in the congregation know. Is he living in the same area where his original offences took place? If so, then the congregation is probably already aware. I would be moving congregations quick smart if I was still in and knew he was going to be attending! I'm sorry, but peds don't usually change, even if 'rehabilitated'. I would be very scared to have my children anywhere near this man.

  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    If this guy didn't know beforehand that raping his own baby was sick and wrong, then I can't see therapy being of any use to him.

  • Clam

    Aude thanks for that. I'll pass those links on. The journalist I've got interested is asking for quite a bit of info about Dubs as well, so he seems keen.

  • jookbeard

    any one who requires any additional info please PM me

  • Podobear

    I think I have the fingers on the pulse a bit closer than most of you here jook'... you may unleash more than you have bargained for. YOU MUST look at each case individually.

    It is up to the shepherds of ANY religious organisation to chaperone and keep a careful eye on those they know have such a sordid record. Don't you think that the legal/policing and psychotherapy systems have any sway in judgment of this case?

    Recently, a man who had served his time for this very same crime joined a local Baptist church... many knew of the man's background and were cold and unforgiving towards him. A patient of mine related how, for a while, he was a warm and active member of their congregation... but the rejection was too much to bear and he "fell away". The ministers of that "flock" did little to encourage the man to repentance.

    Who knows what murky waters lay beneath the calm seas in a congregation? Surely, if the shepherds are doing their job correctly, they will have their fingers on the pulse and be protecting the flock from the harm of predators of any sort.

    Let us all be just a little careful that we are not whipping up hysteria... and end up tar and feathering others whom we assume are beyond redemption. Most of us here are rejects of some sort after all... n'est ce pas?

  • jookbeard

    Pod ; what about if he was to forcefully abduct a child from the KH and and inflict a sickening assault on a young kid somewhere adjacent to the KH or in the locality? for all we know he could be grooming new victims, re offending rates for these animals is incredibly high, we are talking about a serial/predatory paedophile here, as regards of the "shepherds" doing their job correctly I do not share your confidence, his father in law is an elder there, his name is Ian Campbell IIR.

  • Podobear

    What if... is a short expression with a h**l of a lot of meaning. IF such a thing should happen, the systems SHOULD be in place to swoop in and action taken.

    Call me old fashioned if you want Jook'.. I would have used pinking shears on his genitals and detatched them without the comfort of local anaesthetic.. and held a protracted "ethical" debate that lasted at least a decade. Meanwhile any other scum of this sort could walk around with tears in their eyes, cringing at what might happen if they were caught. There.. I've declared my hand.

    m8.. I know where you are coming from.... but PLEASE you have a beautiful wife who has recently borne you a little nipper, you have peace at home.. even if there is anxiety on your doorstep, you will unleash something you admit you know little about. Don't bring yourself or your family into the lime light with this one.

    I'm a big lad... kick me, punch me.. get it out of your system... then let me take you for a beer... but I APPEAL TO YOU.. don't get whipped up by the hystrionics of some here who don't know the facts. The "Authorities" know this case inside out, so do the JW's... as much as you may hate to accept it, the JW's have acted IMPECCABLY in this case... and have been praised in the press.

    All the best, jook'

  • Mythbuster

    Who is "keeping a careful eye on him" when he isn't under the blessed attention of the elders?

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