Just Heard Some Shocking News

by jookbeard 106 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Clam

    I contacted the local press in his Congo's area this morning. They got back to me about an hour ago and said they are definitely looking onto this and asking for any more info I may have. I stressed the danger not only to kids he has access to in his KH, but that he may be on Field Service soon which could give him access to any children in the area.

  • JWoods

    Didn't his parole authority make any effort to specify that he had to stay away from kids?

    I don't know about UK law, but the JW molester guy in New England had this set as a parole condition - that he could not attend the KH. (Of course, he made an appeal over it, which is what made the news).

    Maybe (if Porter has a parole officer) that would be a place to protest this.

  • Clam

    Good point JWoods. I'll mention this.

  • wobble

    Changeling said "no church can deny a person the right to worship" I don't know what law you are thinking of, but child protection legislation should override something like that, I don't think in the U.K any law exists that would force a Congregation to allow him entrance. (????)

    In the Hall I used to attend we had a similar situation, the guy was told by our then P.O "We have a lot of children here, you are not welcome here, please leave"

    I admire the then P.O for that.

  • quietlyleaving

    I seem to remember that Michael Porter did go to prison in the end for 6 months after the attorney gen had reviewed the case but I'm not sure...

  • sacolton

    He's scary looking. Looks like the pedo from "The Lovely Bones".

    Maybe he just didn't have time to pray?

  • jamiebowers

    Articles from silent lambs about this creep: http://www.silentlambs.org/BroPorter.htm

  • Podobear

    Folks.. this guy was tried 1/2 a mile down the road to me.

    The JW's were praised by the Police for the way they dealt with this case. The judge was likewise convinced that he was contrite.

    We are all disgusted by such abomination, and if the law was in our hands no doubt we would all like to express what we would like to do with such low life.

    According to all "Christian" religions, God forgives the repentant sinner, even for the most heinous crimes.. if the person "turns around".

    Or, do you want anarchy and mob rule? EVERY religious sub set is infested with this problem (the Mormons in this city have a track record of wife swapping and sex with under aged kids - they have to clean out their house too)...

    Maybe our judgment should be tempered with reason.. take each case on merit.

  • wobble

    Paedophiles present a danger for the whole of their lives, contrite or not, he should not be around children, church or not.

  • Mythbuster
    take each case on merit.

    ok, this guy molested a baby. He's a pig. I don't like to get all warm and fuzzy with pedophiles and try to find an excuse for their behavior.

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