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by jookbeard 106 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • BluesBrother

    If this became known to Jookbeard on the grapevine, then I am sure that it will be known very shortly on the "sister's network" to all the congo, even if they are not officially informed. I gather he has relatives there and so must be known. There are dubs who are just as angry about such things as we are.

    It might even cause some to question this organization and stop going ?

  • Podobear

    To Blues: I am going to be controversial here in the hope of keeping the passion behind this thread alive... The problem with the WTBTS is that it is steeped in ANACHRONISTIC theology (everyone including me head for the Greek lexicon and English dictionary)

    In simplistic terms, it takes the decision making of the era, out of context, to justify its stance.

    It does it with the "two witness rule", Besty... It does it with the LAWS on Blood.

    By its own words, it falls short of reasoning, eg: Blood, Medicine and the LAW of God...

    There are COMMANDS, there are LAWS and there are PRINCIPLES.

    Freddo, friend (?) do you not agree that Principles affect the Time and Context of Law? Read the Biblical context of the "Two witness" principle, read the Biblical context of "Abstain from Blood" and you will see the PRINICPLE behind the LAW.

    None of this is listed in the Scriptures as A COMMAND.

    In the case we are discussing, "Blues".. we have a classic example of the disenfranchized, disillusioned and the doubting calling for Justice and reform. If the WTBTS does not want to even receive this wake up call from those who once loved passionately.. then it will loose. It WILL end up labelled as a suburb of "Babylon the Great" and it will continue to wreck the lives of the "faithful" and the children that even David called an "inheritence". Now, Besty, please put your angst aside and start this forum reasoning.

    We once, loved the "Truth"... didn't we?

    Love to you all. Podo

  • Married to the Mob
    Married to the Mob

    I under stand the concerns of jookbeard and others regarding Mr Porter and they are totaly valid. Even as an outsider the thought of him and others under the same roof as kids is a little concerning and my personal view is that he shouldn't be there. Its like putting matches infront of an arsonist and I will try to explain the theory.

    Sexual addition is like any other, such as alcohol, drugs, internet. Beyond the physical dependency, there is always a risk that you will relapse back to your devient behaviour because of mentality, and therapy is as much about managing and addressing the mental defects that lead to you behaviour as the physical ones. But it not like an illness where you have the therapy and thats it your fixed. Its a constant ongoing process and needs maintaining.

    One of the keys to maintaining a good state is not to put yourself in positions of risk. For an alcoholic this would be keeping clear of drinking buddies or a bar on your own. Each person is different but the basics is not to put yourself in a place where you have access to the victims, tools of the devient behaviour etc.

    Door to door witnessing and being in a KH as a "brother in good standing" where people may entrust you with their children are not really low risk situations.

    Add to this that 2 of the most common forms of abuse are religious (god will be angry if you don't...) and authority (I am a elder / MS / with privilages and you want o keep me happy......) and there is a real danger.

    The other area of concern is that JW don't believe in professional mental help. It is certainly not promoted in their literature and if you have problems then they should be discussed with an elder. As is obvious from this board that really has not worked well in the past.

    The issue with this is that the Witness mentality thinking may shut doors that stop the inviduals devient behaviour. Add to that the coucilling from elders not to seek proffesional help and you have a ticking timebomb. Read more and pray harder is not going to solve this one. Add to this the reluctance of elders to involve authorities in the groups matters (other religions as as bad before anyone slams me) and its really not a good situation

    In the UK there is an organisation called the "Stop it now" group http://www.stopitnow.org.uk/ who are linked with the lucy fairchild foundation. If anyone has concerns they should talk to this group.

    If I recall corectly, in the UK you had to have a CRB and extended check to work with kids and vunerable persons, I am guessing it doesn't apply to those of religious authority? I know it does to charities, governments and commercial entities.

  • llbh

    Podo, I am not arguing semantically, far from it, I was arguing from legal viewpoint.


  • Podobear

    Stet to that llbh... best wishes

  • nelly136

    **charities, governments and commercial entities.**

    every kingdom hall is registered as a charity.

  • jookbeard

    The KH where this beast was welcomed recently now no longer meet at Haydons Road, they have moved back to their previous premises in Gladstone Road , Wimbledon, London SW19.

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