Straight from the September Watchtower. How can they print this without blushing?

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  • Essan

    Another name for the public version of the Mags?

    How about the "Child-Catcher" version? LOL

  • MrMonroe

    In the light of "new understandings" about the existence of the faithful and discreet slave, I just thought I'd resurrect this thread.

    It's actually quite funny: the Governing Body approving an article about how sad it is that people allow themselves to be deceived. Just read that excerpt in the first post on this thread again. Really, words fail me.

  • punkofnice

    Oh, well! It's comforting to know they're not changing their MO.

    Hopefully it'll wake more up to their duplicity.

  • the-illuminator81

    I remember being interested in totalitarian regimes and reading 1984 as a dub. Never did I notice the parallels when viewing propaganda posters of North Korea with the art style of the JW magazines. It just completely went by me. Even if somebody would have pointed it out I would have simply said "Yes but we are based on the bible!" or some other dumb thoughtstopper.

    If you are deceived you never know! Once you know, you are no longer deceived.. so we should always ask ourselves, are we being deceived?

  • stillajwexelder

    Glad this thread got bumped to the top

  • 00DAD

    Sometimes I wonder if there aren't writers in the Writing Department that are sending secret messages to those just waking up:

    "Hey look at the hypocrisy of this organization! Yeah, I'm talking to you!!! We're stuck in here too and need to find a way out. Can you help? This place is so whacked that we can write these obviously hypocritical statements in plain sight and even get the approval of the GB brothers and no one seems to notice!

    Hello, is there anybody there? Anybody?"

    Just a thought

  • MrFreeze

    00DAD that would require that JWs actually read the pub edition, which they don't.

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    WOW they are FOS!! Thinking of posting this on my FB just to get a comment or 2.... I still have a dozen JW's on mine... not sure why I'm out of the closet EX-JW????FS

  • agonus


    Maybe the Bethel moles/jokers realize nobody reads the damn thing, which is why they can get away with in-jokes like this - just doing it to amuse themselves, basically.

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