Straight from the September Watchtower. How can they print this without blushing?

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  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    It reads like wrote it.

  • flipper

    How interesting that they're describing themselves to a tee ! WT society is full of manure

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty


  • Gregor

    They have a lot of gall to be saying this while the "New Light" on the annointed generation is still fresh.

    On second thought, gall is the wrong word. This is 'in your face' mind control. The R&F will always blink first.

  • belbab

    Smoke and mirrors edition


  • frankiespeakin

    A Freudian slip from the collective unconscious in the writing department. I see a big melt down in the making.

  • moshe

    Since this edition is for the public, that means the imaginary F&DS have nothing to do with it and even a Bethel toilet cleaner can freelance this sort of article. No wonder it makes sense.

  • poppers

    I still like "bait and switch" edition; BS for short.

  • WTWizard

    Of course, you are going to see articles like this in the Showcase washtowel. This is the one that misleads the public into thinking the religion is sensible. They are bashing other religions for deception, which some may well be guilty of. However, there is not a word about the witlesses' own deceptive practices. Such as hiding pedophiles and silencing the victims. Such as telling children to cite worldly goals in family court yet cite theocraptic ones at the Grand Boasting Sessions. Such as the maze of rules regarding blood transfusions. Such as wanting the husbands to tyrannize their wives, yet watering down the commands in the littera-trash. Such as the hounders making local rules that have absolutely no backing anywhere, and then disfellowshipping people for "loose conduct" when they break those rules.

  • nicolaou

    WTWizard, the Watchtower does a good enough job making itself look ridiculous without our unnecessary linguistic jingo. I've often wondered what visitors and lurkers would make of phrases like; "witlesses", "theocraptic" and "littera-trash".

    Or plain misrepresentation of sensitive issues like; "hiding pedophiles and silencing the victims" or "wanting the husbands to tyrannize their wives".

    With respect, I just don't think it's helpful.


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