My letter to my aunt.

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  • wasblind
  • wasblind

    Look at the last part of the vid above that's alice

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    Your aunt treats your grandmother like a brainless fool, because she is a brainless fool.

    Dementia is a very tricky disease. One can be completely normal one moment (carrying on intelligent conversations), then another day, be as nutty as a fruit cake. They can be as sweet as can be one moment and evil and mean the next. It's also a confusing disease. Not for the victim, but for a caretaker simply because one can reason with them at times and other times not. One thinks because they reasoned on points prior they can do it again and when it doesn't work it's very frustrating.

    My mother has dementia. Many times I want to take her to the edge of a cliff. At times I cannot take to see her for periods at a time.

    I'll tell you one thing. My mother's sister is a JW. Has my aunt come to help, visit (old folks home) or inquire about my mother? Though my mother has been a pain in the family's ass in the past as is an xjw, it doesn't excuse loving acts of kindness to those out of their minds with disease. If your aunt is giving your grandmother ANY attention at all. Kudos to your aunt.

    And I would like to add Rachel aka AWI. I've noticed since you've started back to meetings (if this is indeed true) your attitude is even more cruel then ever. It's seems because you feel you're in line with the WTS you have giving yourself pseudo permission to be above, as they have.

    Maybe you have not been aware or experienced un conditional love or in the face of true suffering. If not. I do wish this for you, one day.

    You forget in your state of pious, that all life falls under a rite of being. With do respect. You're not that special. Then again. Neither am I.


    "Ummmm RACHEL.....

    I am from Houston originally!

    And if you don't discern those type of social understandings than you need to slap your mama for failing you in basic JW and Southern etiquette.

    Than again Houston does have white-trash cycling JWs......who drift in and drift out of the truth, granted many of them were from Pasadena. Come to think of it .....that would explain your drug use and immoral ways....

    Explains a lot..."

    White-trash!? So why did you move to a state that sponsors terrorism, past and current support for such organizations as Hezbollah, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad?

  • Titus


  • Soldier77

    Rachel, you practice evasion and diversion tactics like your life depended on it, what are you running from?

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Alice's aunt is fast becoming a cult figure on an ex-cult board.

    P.S. Maybe the grandmother is mistreated by aunty because of "Dubmentia".

    Think About It

  • DaCheech

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  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    Let me guess........... I bet her name is Aunt Flo

    Am I close???

  • Quandry

    Sorry you see it that way. You also see things through a kaleidoscope most of the time so point not taken.

    Oh, one of Jehovah's happy people!

    Don't you get it? She wants to inflame....she wants to start something here. Evidently her life consists of going to the Khall, going home, going in service, same old, same old, yada yada....dull day after day and actually has no drama and she wants to create some. Add to that if she does go out in service, it is about 100 degrees here in Houston...enough to make anyone cranky.

    She probably doesn't even have an aunt.

    If she really does have this aunt, she probably won't for long...the poor woman will probably kill herself.

    What's that scripture..."With the judgement that you are meting out, you will be given in return?" That should fit.

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