Has anyone heard of the elders being called independent agents. Spoke to a brother in the Legal department and he called them that.

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  • snowbird
    All of it?

    All of it, according to her.

    She's not a lying person, so I believe her.

    I knew something didn't quite square at the time.


  • wasblind

    Another thing i remember,

    after one thursday night meeting, an elder asked from the podium if anyone

    could help one of the congregation members out with a gas bill. He was very discreet and

    did not give the name of the one needing help. He didn't ask Bethel, even though Behtel

    ask alot from them.

  • Finally-Free
    I knew something didn't quite square at the time.

    Put it this way. I have a pretty basic policy on my house. In addition to the cost of rebuilding it from the ground up, my contents are insured for $160,000. I can't imagine the watchtower showing that much "love" to anyone.

    I'd sooner pray to Allstate than the Watchtower.


  • snowbird

    LOL at FinallyFree!

    The WT is a hot mess!

    Preying on the uninformed and unsuspecting ...


  • wasblind

    Yes Syl,

    they are worse than BUZZARDS

  • flipper

    LIFE IS TOO SHORT - I must have missed this thread . Elders are considered " independent agents " in the WT society's view regarding handling child abuse cases . They are on their own legally . But if an elder INSIDE the congregation starts becoming " independent " and starts spouting off views against the WT society to JW publishers - suddenly he's NOT considered an " independent agent " anymore- WT society considers him a traitor or apostate and will either remove him as an elder or DF him. There is NO consisstency in how the WT society applies these rules they have

  • OnTheWayOut

    This is just like "company loyalty." That means the company you work for expects you never to look outside of the company for a better job. But company loyalty doesn't extend to them getting rid of you if it is convenient.

    Flipper calls it right. They are independent agents if their following of WT commands results in a lawsuit against their counsel, but they cannot refuse to follow those commands and keep their status.

  • hoser

    An elder carries the full load of responsibility but has absolutely no authority!

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    These guys are so tricky, they change something for a devious purpose but try to put a spin on it like "we're doing this to prepare for persecution"

    there always preparing for persecution

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