Has anyone heard of the elders being called independent agents. Spoke to a brother in the Legal department and he called them that.

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  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    I want to add that saying someone is "independent" is a bit irrelevant in Canada, even from a simple employment aspect. The law decides the status, not the agency. For instance if someone wants to pay their workers as independent contractors and the workers are in total agreement, the courts have still overturned that status in some cases, because the workers were not acting independently according to the legal criteria of the word.

    I suspect the same would be true of the elders and I believe there was one case in California recently where the courts found the WTBTS liable even after they had tried to claim independence.

    One of the criteria for independence in Canada, is that the work is not directed by the employer/agency. The fact that the WTBTS does, in fact, direct all matters in the congregation, nullifies all their claims to the elders being independent. "A rose by any other name, still smells as sweet," so to speak, or in this case, a Watchtower slave, by any other name, still stinks.


  • ziddina

    Whoa!!! That sounds like a typically sleazy Watchtower legal move...

    Quite similar to the way they've attempted to deflect responsibility for all those failed prophecies, the lives lost due to their biased and bizarre bans on certain types of medical procedures, those serving time in prison for refusing alternative service, and so on...

    Watchtower headquarters can slip out of legal liability if they throw the local elders to the 'wolves'...

    Must be "fun" being an elder in today's Watchtower Society...

    "it is like trying to nail jellow to a wall talking to any of them..." LOVE that expression - trying to nail jello to a wall!!! Very fitting...

    Hah, Hah! I LIKE UnderCover's idea!!!


  • moshe

    OutLaw, you are right. All the elders have their neck in a noose and they are standing on a rickety KH chair. We wouldn't have many elders, if they knew the liabilty they have.

  • JeffT

    As one of my accounting instructors said a long time ago, "the first rule of law is sue somebody with money." Most JW elders don't have much. A smart lawyer is going to go after the WTBS just because that is where the money is. However, an elder could still end up with a lot less than he started with, just paying a lawyer to defend him.

  • LongHairGal

    Even though it sounds sleazy and definitely makes the elders responsible for their own behavior, there is one good thing that might come from it: Now elders are less likely to go around like rogue cowboys like they did in the past.

    Let me tell you - an elder on a 'mission' to 'prove' something or make some stupid point, can cause quite a bit of trouble for people in a congregation!

  • Soldier77
    yes. I spent YEARS doing relief work with the RBC and In cases where the branch repairs your house you are expected to sign over the funds that you get as a resullt of insurance.

    I never knew this. What a bunch of sneaky assholes.

  • baltar447

    Who buys the materials for RBC relief work?

  • snowbird

    I knew about the "suggestion" that insurance checks from disasters be turned over to WT, if repairs are done by the "brothers."

    My JW sister who lives in Mobile, Alabama, had extensive damage to her house after Hurricane Ivan. The "brothers" were there in a flash to do the work.

    When she received her insurance check, she signed it over to WT.

    True story.


  • JeffT

    The problem with the WTBS' policy on disaster insurance is not in the turning over the check, per se. The society is in effect acting as the contractor doing the work. If you hired Joe's Construction to put your roof back on, they would be entitled to the insurance money. The problem I see is that the society is almost certainly not paying the workers, and probably not even telling them it is getting your insurance check.

    I wonder if the state labor departments know about this.

  • snowbird
    I wonder if the state labor departments know about this.

    If another disaster should strike, and if I hear about WT doing this, I shall certainly inform them.

    Hey, I know how to engage in warfare, too.


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