Severe abdominal pain

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  • Snoozy

    So how are you doing today Heartbreaker?

  • FlyingHighNow

    Snoozy, I am not sure what caused the amnesia. I had anethesia before, but no memory loss. Pancreatitis can be life threatening. It depletes your body of vitamins and can take a very long time to recover from.

  • StAnn

    I had bad, bad gallstones. Had to have my gallbladder out. I thought I was having a heart attack and went to the ER and discovered it was my gallbladder. I'd no idea I even had a gallstone. I did have to have emergency surgery to remove my gallbladder because I couldn't stop throwing up. However, my gallbladder was imbedded in my liver and they had to cut out part of my liver too.

    So, my point is, this could be serious. Go to a clinic. If this happens again, go straight to the ER. All of the hospitals here have funds that are used to pay for medical care for low-income people. I don't know if you're low-income or not but my brother tried to cure all of his ailments with herbs and such and by the time he finally went to the doctor, they were all so bad he had to have multiple surgeries. Saving money now by not going to the doctor may cost you a lot more money later. And most hospitals will let you make monthly payments. We lost our insurance during my pregnancy and it took me 3 1/2 years to pay off my son, a little every month until it was done.

    Hope you're better today.

    St. Ann

  • poppers

    Yeah, I had gallstones too. I was in misery and had my gall bladder removed 2 1/2 years ago with the old fashioned gut slash rather than the simpler procedure because the gall bladder was in such bad shape. I had been having symptoms for years but ignored them. My doctor told me there were too many stones to count; one of the worst ones he'd ever seen. I feel so much better now.

  • tenyearsafter

    I'm with the gallstone sounds like classic gallstone symptoms. If the stones don't get lodged in the bile ducts, the symptoms can come and go. If they are lodged, you need to get medical attention. I would definitely consult a doctor and get an ultrasound to confirm. Good luck and hope you feel better!

  • Heartbreaker

    Thanks to each and every one of you for replying, and being concerned with me!

    I'm feeling much better, actually slept the whole night last night! The first night was when I posted, second night I had horrible gas pains and intestine upset. That lasted about 3 hours as well. Last night was bliss :)

    I spoke with my husband, and if it happens again, we are going in for sure. We have 25 days until we can be added to his medical insurance. (new job start) Ironically, I'm a licensed insurance agent, but can't write myself because I've had melanoma skin cancer within the last 10 years. Isn't that great? Good ole USA at work. Here's the hoping I can hold off until we are covered.

    Thanks again, to each of you :)

  • mrsjones5

    Here's the hoping I can hold off until we are covered.

    Until then try to limited fatty foods and no eating after 7pm (or whatever hour you think best). If you get hungry drink water.

    The above helped me and I hope it works for you.
  • Gregor

    My wife had gallstones, did the olive oil flush, felt better immediately. A few years later it came back and she had it removed.

    A sure sign it is a gall bladder problem is a light color stool. The normal brown color comes from the bile (gall) .

  • poppers

    Yeah, those fatty foods definitely will trigger an attack; the extreme discomfort from the bloated gassy feeling that you can't do anything about is a classic symptom of an attack. Good luck.

  • StAnn

    Know how I found out I had gallstones? I went to Applebee's, ordered a Riblet Basket and a Long Island Iced Tea. About 3 a.m., I thought I was going to DIE.

    I'm with Mrs. Jones in that for me, drinking cool water (copious amounts) seemed very helpful in holding off symptoms for awhile.

    Good luck holding out until you're insured!

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