Severe abdominal pain

by Heartbreaker 42 Replies latest jw friends

  • poppers

    My acute attack that sent me to surgery came after eating BBQ Country Ribs.

  • Heartbreaker

    Mmmmm riblets....j/k

    Thanks ya'll for your concern for me, it's awesome to know people I've never met actually care about me :) I've not had another attack since the night after the first one (so twice, two nights in a row) I've really got my fingers crossed I've lucked out.

    Oh, and completely normal colored bowels. I know you were holding your breath with anticipation on that one ;)

  • zagor

    I've had something similar last year along with bleeding, just as well I went to see doctor.. Having said that it doesn't mean yours is serious, so don't freak out. There's lots of other possible explanaitons. My dad had pinched nerve in his lower back which sort of spread shockwave around other parts of body giving false alarms.

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