Severe abdominal pain

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  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Some people have used the olive oil flush with success for gallstone problems. Plenty of web info on it. My SIL was having similar problems and the doc wanted about 10 gran to take his gallbladder out. He researched the flush, did it, flushed out many small gallstones and has had no problems since.

    Think About It

  • Heartbreaker

    Think about it....can I use vodka to accomplish the same thing? I think I'd enjoy that better.

    I KID! I KID! (maybe)

  • hamsterbait

    If you are getting severe pain in your upper abdomen - is it more to the left or right of the breast bone?

    When there is a referred pain in the back it can be something serious. GO TO A DOCTOR.


  • Heartbreaker

    The pain was directly between my back, and well my front. A solid dull, can't get away from it ache and it would seem to get worse (probably with my panic and increasing frustration) and then just be dull. Literally where my rib cage stops, directly in there and up some, all the way straight through. Today it's just sore there, not the same pain there was. Super tired (it's only 6:45 pm) and so afraid to sleep tonight. :(

  • Juli

    That sounds like classic gallbladder to me. Had one attack, no longer drink gin and/or eat fried foods. You describe it perfectly as the pain you can't get away from.

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    My guess would be gall bladder. I recommend you go to a doctor. It may need to come out ASAP.

  • Snoozy

    Could be heart? Did you feel sweaty from the pain? Women hurt different than men.

    If the pain was so bad you had to take a strong narcotic it is best to have it checked out. They can do a ultra sound and it doesn't cost oo awful much. I understand you have no medical, I hope you can fix that soon. My brother had to go in the hospital where he was living in LA and he had no insurance. Apparently they have a program out there that covers uninsured people. He went to a almost brand new hospital and after he received one bill (for over $100,000 dollars and yes it was very serious) and never got another bill.. He still lives in the same place. That was over 10 years ago. Thankfully he now has medicare.

    Also hopefully all the changes in the medical insurance will enable you to get some somehow..possibly you qualify for medicaid? I don't know your situation. But so sorry you are having to go through that. It's bad enough to be sick but even worse if you have to figure out how to pay for it. Is there any clinics in your area?

    And in referral to the comment about childbirth and gallstones..I had a girlfriend that had to have her gallbladder out after she gave birth. Then she had to come home and take care of a new baby..
    Also a guy I worked withs wife had to have her gallbladder out a few days after she gave birth. Then on top of that she had to go back in as after the operation as a stone got lodged in her bile duct or somewhere.. They were able to dislodge and withdraw it through her esophegus with a tube and a scope..yuck!

    Somehow childbirth must force the gallstones out or something..possibly the condition already existed and the birthing stirred them up.?

  • Snoozy

    Also wanted to add that I have heard of the "oil" cure for gallstones before. My FIL was advised by his chiropractor to do it. I think he also had to take a laxative at the same time. He was pooping and throwing up at the same time...(Insert painful look here).He had bone cancer and thought he had gallstones. His chiropractor recommended the flush. I have ot say his paiin went away. If you are interested you can get preparations at a health food store.

    A warning though, it could be something more serious and doing so may harm you more..if you aren't going to the bathroom that can cause you pain also as can a blockage.
    My hubby on a wager ate a whole bunch of apples at one time. Later that night he was doubled over in pain and we thought he was having a heart attack..I rushed him to the emergency room with him screaming in pain at each bump in the road..and they x rayed him. The diagnosis..the apples had all formed a mass in his intestines and they weren't disolving..thus the pain. The pain was in his upper chest! I wanted to hurt him after he told me of the earlier "Bet" with the guys!

    They gave him a stool softner...and sent him home.

    I told him he was full of s**

  • FlyingHighNow

    I wouldn't recommend trying to get rid of gallstones yourself. They can slip into the pancreatic duct and block it off. Then your digestive enzymes and juices stay inside the pancreas and begin to digest it. Although I didn't know I had gallstones or try to treat them, that is what happened to me. I had to have my gallbladder removed and then they brought me to another hospital and went down through my mouth to get the stone out of the duct. It took a year to recover from all of that. And I lost some of my memory. I had taken guitar lessons for over a year and I forgot how to play. I lost other types of memories, too.

    You could have something as simple as bubbles of gas that are trapped. You could also have gastritis. It can range from painless to excruciating. I've had both kinds. I've been hospitalized and checked out for gallbladder disease when it was gastritis from asprin. That hurt horribly.

    I had painless gastritis in 2006. I had been taking alieve everyday. I was just very tired and ended up face up, on the ground, while gardening. Went to the doc and my hemoglobin was down to 6. I figured out I had been bleeding in my stomach and I knew it was the alieve. The doctor concurred. We stopped the alieve and treated the anemia. That brought the hemoglobin level up to normal again. That negated the need for expensive tests. My point is this: you're smart, so just really think about your symptoms, when they started and what you've been eating, taking, etc. Go see your doctor.

  • Snoozy

    FHN, a lot of people don't know that about Aleve..and also Advil! I went for a knee operation and they tested my blood, apparently Advil (and aleve) can act as a blood thinner just as aspirin does. My count was down. They had to give me vit K for coagulation and retested me later. When it finally came up a little they went ahead and did the knee repair. I had been tkaing admil for the pain in the knee. I can imagine what it does to your stomach lining..and intestines!.

    And what you mentioned about the stone in the duct must be the same as what happened to the man's wife that I worked with..and your mention of losing some memory rings a bell also. I think he may have said something about that at the time. Do you think it was possibly the anesthesia?


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