Since the internet is available, and and dissenting viewpoints are available I've come to the conclusion that people who really believe the lies taught by the WTBS are morons

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  • wobble

    Lady Lee has it spot on as usual.

    I was quite a rebellious Dub in many ways, but never looked at the internet for information on the WT, believing that all outside stuff was lies and mis-information.

    I came here by the back door in a way, I had discovered Greg Staffords site (Elihu Books) and was amazed to find he agreed with me that 1914 was a load of baloney, Greg was an active Witness at the time. researching 1914 further got me here, but I was inactive by then.

    I think it is a case of what the wise man said (who said this ?) :

    "When the student is ready, the teacher appears"

  • bohm

    GB, on another thread i started yesterday spoke out on a delibrately crafted falsehood. i did so in very strong terms because i wanted all appologists to see it was completely and utterly indefensible because it rested on a lie and not a real argument.

    you came down on me quite hard, telling me i was antagonising people and asking around for my motives and stuff like that; well i guess you and i are the pot and the kettle right now? ;-) (ill still give you that you are the better speller).

    I think you err in calling believers in the WTS morons because the vast, vast majority is not interlectually dishonest in any way. mild brainwashing and carefully constructed (though wrong) arguments have led them to interpret the evidence in a slightly wrong way, and the compound effect of this is a wrong worldview. I would not even go so far as to call the WTS delibrate liars, because i think there is a difference between lying and just having arrived at the wrong conclusion, and very few in the WTS fall in the first catagory (IMHO).

    hope i didnt make your eyes bleed this time around...

  • Titus

    I think that the poster who started this thread is moron.

    It is that simple!

  • gubberningbody

    Titus nailed it!

    Thanks for playing.

  • Titus

    Don't take it too seriously and personally, GB, but come on........

    People have right to be selective, so give them time to realize the facts....

    You cannot judge them too early, and call them morons.....

    Peace out!

  • gubberningbody

    You're right Titus. Sometimes I get bored and post a random brain-fart just because I can. I hate it when it gets too serious, because hey! everybody dies, so let's dance!

  • wasblind

    we all have our off days Gb

  • mrsjones5

    I don't think of the rank and file jws are being morons, they just extremely misled people and some have those blinders so firmly in place that it's next to impossible to get them off.

  • Gayle

    The Internet created the Information Age for average and even the poor population. All information is a click away, available daily. Previous decades, ones would have to take time to go to the library for research,,most could not do that very often,,not daily, not easily,,average people would have to rely on the Reader's Digest for some basic information and for many people the Awake! was being delivered for 5 cents to learn sometimes about such things as the "koala bears" or such simple subjects.

    I think most JWs initially were just wanting to learn more.. and because of availibility,,it was the Watchtower that came by easily and cheaply. Most JWs were not morons, just didn't have enough resources conveniently, inexpensively available.

    Now things are different. It is archaic, for JWs to be bringing literature door to door,,very limited information, expensive, the paper waste, gas and hopefully JWs may gradually value their productivity of their 'time' more.

    I have full confidence in the youth to see and value this Information Age clearly. The old methods of the Watchtower are outdated, of no value. The third-world areas with not much computers access, The Watchtower will not thrive in such areas too long as it will not truly help such areas with their needs and people there may only go in relatively briefly but out even more quickly as the Watchtower will only deal with them harshly to meet the cultic demands.

  • wobble

    That hunger for learning is there in the poor third world countries too, Gayle, and many efforts are being made to give them Internet access.

    It won't be long before the WT bullshit cannot enslave people in those places either.

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