Since the internet is available, and and dissenting viewpoints are available I've come to the conclusion that people who really believe the lies taught by the WTBS are morons

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    "It looks like apologizing for your visiting this site. And that's why I told you that. What [does] the verse 1 Co 10:29 [mean] to you?"

    Well, at least I now know I didn't mistakenly use an invisible font. FYI, I will typically extend an apology to someone to whom I've unintentionally caused offense. (If I offend purposefully someone, I don't apologize, since to do that would just be hypocritical, and I do not fancy myself as such, but I'm not heartless though. I might be inclined to hand the offendee a tissue.) It seems today that I might be learning something from you regarding 1 Corinthians 10:29 that I may not have considered before that may prove to be helpful to me in the future, but you first, @Titus:

    After reading my posts, was there really some doubt in your mind as to whether I was one of Jehovah's Witnesses? If so, what was it exactly that didn't give me away?

  • moshe
    in 1985 that generation of anointed would be down to around 3500 people- which was about 40% of the 8500 partakers posted in the yearbook. By 1990 it would be down to only 1500. Not one JW appreciated my research, the Bethel desk told me to zip my lips. The elders told me to keep quiet,

    in conclusion- JW's who can logically examine a teaching are few and far between. Even back in 1985 I could see that the predicted graph for the anointed remnant decline did not match the actual numbers.- 8500 was a long way from 3500 and by 1995 the graph should have been down to near zero.(over 10,000 claimed anointed today) It is not a coincidence that 1995 was the year they redid the 1914 generation and now it has been tweaked again to the point it has no resemblance to the original dogma. Any JW should be able to calculate that, no more of the original 1935 anointed means no more of the original F&DS class and no more original GB/F&DS, either. Which is why the Watchtower never quotes any GB member as saying they are personally part of the F&DS- h*ll, it is a no-name class of people as far as they are concerned.- a class of people who existed only in the pages of the WT and in minds of JW leaders- Listen up you JW's who are reading this : a dreamed up false idea does not become reality, even if 100 million people want it to be so.

    When the WT Board of directors removed it's 1914 blurb from inside the Awake magazine cover, the WT corporation gave legal notice to JW's that they had ceased to look to the 1914 generation for any future sign, but JW's ignored the obvious- they wanted the dream to continure and they likely hounded the WT Bethel offices for "new light" . JW's on this forum are like two dogs fighting over a t-bone steak, that has been reduced to sliver of a bone and still they are arguing over doctrinal points, as if the WT org is still the same WT org that sucked them in 20-30-40 or more years ago. That teensy bone will not nourish their soul,-- if only they could just look around and see the real world, they could wake themselves up.

    At any rate, JW's essentially demanded that the 1914 generation be put on life support for another 30-40 years, as eliminating 1914 and the anointed remnant/F&DS would essentially kill their entire reason to be a JW.--- so the WT Corporation has given them what they want, as JW's just can't bear to admit they have been flim-flammed for their entire life. It is better in their mind, to keep believing the lies than to admit to the whole world and even to Christendom, that were morons after all. Maybe that is why so many ex- JW's prefer to become faders, rather than stand up and proclaim- " hey, everyone, this WT Corp has fooled me for the last time, I finally get it,- I am leaving and this is why I am leaving!" What a way for an elder to make his exit on his last talk.

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    I have to hand it to you but in all honesty your post is probably correct. I think you are right about the JWs 'essentially demanding that the 1914 generation be put on life support for another 30-40 years.....' I got the sense that this is how it works there. The religion pulling a fast one by changing the wording inside the Awake magazine probably horrified some true believers. So they probably are giving the rank and file what they want -- an extension to a belief that can hardly even be held on to.

    The point is they aren't just doing this to please the rank and file members - they are doing it for their own survival. This has been a linchpin teaching of the religion for too long. Hypothetically speaking, if they officially abandoned the teaching tomorrow, where would the religion be? I think they would be whittled down to just a few old hard-core members and some new younger ones who don't know the half of it. The other shell-shocked members would finally say 'enough'.

  • moshe

    LHG---I haved read that many pastors no longer believe what they teach in church either, but they are in too deep to start another career that has the same respect/honor and perks. They rationalize that they are giving the congregants what they want,ie, faith building stories about Jesus (who hears all prayers they say) and his saving grace. They say to themselves, "if I didn't preach what they want, they will just go to another church to get their weekly fix of salvation, so I will give them what they want". In like manner, the WT Corporation is really and has always been for at least 100 years, a religious publishing business. One of their most successful books was the little 25cent Truth book released in 1969. It gave the JW's what they craved and that book invigorated the JW's to even quit jobs and school to peddle it's message fulltime- 1975 was the goal. The WT business has had no best sellers for many years now and they don't even push the books at the door anymore. They can do OK managing their real estate holdings and flipping paid for KH's ( after a new one is built with a new $mortgage$ to the KH). For over a generation, 30-40 brothers in the writing department have created all the literature. I am not sure what they truly believe, who their loyalty is to and what they get out of it. Who knows, we may yet get a lurker from that group to come out of the shadows and shed some light what they have done.

    One thing is sure, if enough JW's write, call and beg for something, the writing department can find a way for new light to flash into the pages of the Watchtower and give the JW's what they want. The fact that most JW's have willingly accepted the new 1914 generation teaching is testament to their need to believe this new light.

  • serenitynow!

    "Unlike a cult, Jehovah's Witnesses do not have a human leader, like Jim Jones ("People's Temple") or David Koresh ("Branch Davidians") were both cult leaders, for Jehovah's Witnesses are Christians that follow the Lord Jesus Christ, and so we do not follow any man. "

    Yes that point used to keep me from classifying them as a cult. The thing is though, that if you would only go read the last several private edition WTs you will see the glorification of the governing body. They equate questionning them with questioning god or jesus. They are leaders, you had better believe it. They've set themselves up as mediators between nonanointed and jesus/god.

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