Preparing for D2D Opposition July 26, 2010 KM

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  • WTWizard

    Well, if the "misinformation" can be verified as true, I am not surprised that it will become more common. That is part of the reason why the witlesses are so tight with copyrighted materials--because all it takes is one apostate to post something 6 months before it becomes official, and everyone is going to be prepared to rebut it. Also, there are plenty of blatant inconsistencies between the Washtowel teachings and the Bible.

    One key example: Evidently Jesus meant that the generation is the group of people whose lives intersect with those around in 1914. Now, any reasonable householder would be "OK, show me the evidence in the Bible".

  • JustHuman14

    I do like the misinformed part!!!

    At this moment there are hundreds of ex-jw's websites, in many countries and languages. So with a simple search on the internet you will find a huge amount of negative information about JW's, since WT doesn't allow active JW's to own website supporting WT.

    So if someone wants to find anything regarding JW's a simple search in google and you will find all you need. It happened to me once when I was approached by Realians. I just did a simple search and there you are...I found all I needed to know about that cult and specially from ex-members.

    WT and the GB knows how hard times are to get new members in the era of information. That is why they are trying to keep the existing members to leave, or to start THINK...

  • wobble

    Another piece of loaded language is the "sincere householder" label, someone who does not swallow the Witlesses non-explanation is not sincere, apparently.

  • miseryloveselders

    A couple winters ago, it was my turn to "lead the group" in field service. This was after the Sunday meeting. At the time, there was a young woman from out of state who was attending one of the local universities. (yeah, yeah I know) Any way I took the group to a neighborhood that has the reputation of having some hostile residents. Mostly Catholic neighborhood. I worked by myself that day as there was an odd number of people out and I didn't want anybody to be by themselves. Me personally I like working by myself. Now that young woman I mentioned, was along with her partner at a house next to the house I was standing at. She rang the bell, and after a minute or so, a guy comes to the door. She went through her presentation, and this guy says to her and her partner, "I'm not interested. You people are a cult!" He said it with the firmest conviction. Then he closed the door on them. The look on her face was priceless. A combination of horror, and bewilderment. I felt so bad for her, because it was painfully obvious that she not only didnt expect that, but wasn't used to that kind of treatment either.

    Ever since then I never saw her in field service again, and her meeting attendance became inconsistant. She blamed it on the lack of time because her schooling schedule was too demanding. She's since graduated, and I've seen her website and it looks like she has a promising career ahead of her. I hope the best for her. But this thread jumpstarted my memory, and I wonder was it that householder's opposition that was the end of her field service career. I'd LOVE to show you guys her website but I'd give myself away in the process. Plus I wouldnt want to throw her under a bus.

  • Pistoff


    The level of self deception is astonishing.

    Go on your way, AIW, little faithful one.

    edited for graphic detail - Lady Lee - Pisteoff. This went too far

    No? Not interested in that?

    Then shut your yap about SilentLambs; you have no clue what you are talking about, and we are in the process of reporting you to your elders for being here anyway.


  • Quandry

    Honor is what the wise ones will come to possess,

    All you have to do is go to the elders and share with them your "honorable" passtime.....commenting on this forum. Go ahead...share your "honor" with them...I dare ya!

  • Mary
    "..At times we may encounter a negative response from householders who misunderstand us or who have been misinformed about Jehovah's Witnesses..... Perhaps their viewpoint has been influenced by biased media reports. Jesus and other servants of Jehovah in the first century were often misunderstood and maligned. (Acts 28:22).....Jesus indicated that the world would hate his followers just as it hated him. (John 15:18-20) Therefore, negative reports and opposition today should not surprise us."

    The problem with the statements above is that all cults and high control groups use the same sorry-assed excuses whenever their nasty little secrets are exposed for the world to see. They tell their followers that Satan is 'persecuting' them because Jesus said his true followers would be persecuted. Therefore, the fact that there is something 'negative' in the news about them is proof in their warped minds that they have the one true religion.

    Here's a few links showing that it's not just the WTS who pull this crap:

    But of course, the vast majority of those who read the latest drivel in the Kingdumb Misery will simply nod their head in agreement with everything that is written by Crooklyn.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite


    Around here, householders just don't even begin to give a sorry rat's ass about JWs. Those sheeples going D2D aren't "opposed", they're "pitied" by the householders.


    Here's a few links showing that it's not just the WTS who pull this crap:

    Judgment Day-Are You Ready?

    Listening Jesus | SO4J-TV prepare us for judgment day isn't much different than listening to Howard Stern or Larry Flint expose secrets or give some whacked out assessment of a cult. Par the course for some here.

  • yknot

    Yes, Rachel.....

    So you are suggesting the WTS is a cult?

    Further why are you watching that kind of stuff?

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