Preparing for D2D Opposition July 26, 2010 KM

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  • Quandry

    I occasional say a thing or two for light entertainment,

    ??????? ???????????

  • blondie

    Alice told me here:

    It is safe for me to say that your are an apostate. What you are doing is rotten to the core. Even my disfellowshipped mother would say so if she read this stuff. I will not be speaking with you again.


    I take it though you feel posting on my threads is not the same as speaking to me?

  • Gopher

    It cannot be displayed that Jehovah's Witnesses have an "outstanding" child-protection policy. However, much evidence exists to the contrary and has been reported in media in several nations. Yes these are "negative" reports, but it is the media's job to examine all sides of issues and they did so. The Watchtower leadership's stubborn adherence to the "two eyewitness" rule helps prevent child molestors from being removed.

    It's 2010, not 2009 and Freeminds is still going strong. It was the first site that helped me discover the deception of Watchtower teaching.

    JW growth is slower in areas where Internet penetration is high. This is because people now have easy access to real-life experiences and actual Watchtower history. That knowledge is power to resist the alluring promises of "living forever" offered to those who adhere to one Bible society's ever-shifting doctrines.

  • Quandry

    St Ann you said,

    I have a link in my email signature line to my story of leaving the WTS.

    I have never read your story. I have looked back to your first posts but haven't found it. I always enjoy your posts...I'd love to read it.

  • HappyDad

    Unless there is an internet Armageddon, the WTBTS will continue on it's downhill decline. My memories of over 30 years of being obedient are starting to seem like a bad dream and that the reality of my involvement never happened. I sure love my life these days.

    HappyDad (ex MS, ex Elder, and grateful to be an ex JW)

  • wasblind

    Told you, that was "rachel" from Freeminds

  • palmtree67

    Ah, Alice......spewing hatred again.

    First you post on an apostate board, in direct disobedience to your governing body.

    And now you have missed the whole point of this KM:

    Respond With Graciousness: When we receive a negative response, we should always reply with graciousness and mildness

    What a fine Witness for Jehovah you are!! Will we hear your wonderful experience of being on this board at an assembly one day??

    That would be so encouraging!!

    ** APPLAUSE **

  • steve2

    It's the old double standard rearing its tired head yet again:

    If you want to know what JWs believe, ask JWs but if you want to know what apostates believe don't ask apostates.

    As for debunking the questions in people's minds, I rarely come across anyone that even looks at these aside from opposed ex-Jehovah's Witnesses.
    Opposed ex-Jehovah's Witnesses don't seem to care about these websites anyway.....AIW


    Do you ever think about what you post?..Maybe read it,to make sure it makes sense?..

    It makes you look like your drunk/on drugs/or maybe just nuts..

    Crazy 1

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • Mythbuster
    Opposed ex-Jehovah's Witnesses

    What the hell is that?

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