Preparing for D2D Opposition July 26, 2010 KM

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  • cyberjesus

    Another brainwashing word "MISINFORMATION" the article automatically assumes that ANY negative information regarding the JWs is misinformed. It leaves no room for error on the side of the WT. Therefore it assumes the JWs are perfect and with no errors. All of that hidden just beneath a simple word Misinformation.

    There is nothing credible on negative reports on the JWs because they didnt happened. Is all a rumor and a lie. Come to the source and get the RIGHT information.

    God damned it!

  • sherah

    Thanks Blondie for posting this. I was able to use the "negative doesn't mean lies" angle in talking openly with my dub family.

    St-Ann, that experience is incredible. You saved three families, you are the WTBS worst nightmare, LOL. This KM is not going to help the dubs to counter stories/experiences like yours and the internet.

  • Mythbuster

    Does anyone have this KM for download?

  • Finally-Free

    1. How is our work perceived by some?

    Very, very annoying.

    2. What will help us to avoid discouragement when faced with criticism?

    More self delusion.

    3. Why should negative reports and opposition not surprise us?

    Because the negative reports are true.

    4. If we meet with a negative response to the good news, how should we respond?

    Don't respond. Just go away.


  • blondie
  • wasblind

    Outlaw, good interpretation

  • wasblind

    1. How is our work perceived by some?

    Very, very annoying

    So true, finally free.

  • bobld

    When media says something (positive) about the wbts religion they like to praise it to high heaven,when the media says the truth about the wbts ex.child abuse then it's negative.

    What gets me is how they phase words.EX.Q2 servants of Jehovah,Q3 Jesus...his followers.They inchange both like other religions inchange the trinity.



    “Blondie, it seems as if the "misinformation" is getting a foothold in people's minds. Now they have to debunk the questions in people's minds placed there by the various youtube videos and websites dedicated to shining light on the "Truth".”

    I've addressed some of the issues in youtube videos and websites.

    As for debunking the questions in people's minds, I rarely come across anyone that even looks at these aside from opposed ex-Jehovah's Witnesses. Opposed ex-Jehovah's Witnesses don't seem to care about these websites anyway.

    Free Minds continues to have a financial crisis in 2009.

    Getting involved with the arguments of opposers can be time-consuming. I occasional say a thing or two for light entertainment, however some sink to new lows to make a case against Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Silentlambs for example, is not a support group for abuse victims. It never has been. It's a religious hate group masquerading as a victim support group. People here start using profanity and hate speech when it is displayed that Jehovah’s Witnesses have an outstanding child-protection policy. If you want questions in people's minds placed there by the various youtube videos and websites "debunked" (provided they are even there) behave like an adult and don't do that.

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