Cure/Treat Cancer with Apricot seeds

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  • EndofMysteries

    Yes PrimateDave, if we give our body the nutrients and resources it needs to keep us from ever developing these diseases, that is the best way.

    Burntheships - I'll try to find it later, but I recall one or some of the scientists who were researching b-17 said that was what the natural cyanide in the fruits seeds was doing. I'll try to find it later, it was over a year ago, we'll see if it was credible.

  • jaguarbass

    My experience with unscientific cures for cancer is this.

    Back in the 80's my father was diagnosed with kidney cancer.

    He got very sick.

    He heard drinking carrot juice could cure cancer.

    He started buying bags of carrots and juicing them.

    For years he would drink 3 big glasses of carrot juice every day.

    He got better and lived 25 more years.

    He turned orange but he got better.

    Years latter he stopped drinking the carrot juice and he died from cancer.

    Unscientific, unbelievable to many, but thats what I saw.

  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More

    Primate Dave: sorry if I gave the impression the coffee enemas and China Study were related...I haven't read the China Study; just heard about it from the same gentleman who actually went to China in regards to curing his cancer. He is doing, among other things, coffee enemas and whatever he is doing, it seems to be working. That was the only point I was trying to make; sorry for the confusion! I need to structure my sentences better, I guess...anyhow thanks for the clarification. I will definitely have to read the China Study post haste.

  • PrimateDave

    MJNM, I have a video by Mike Anderson called "Healing Cancer From the Inside Out." It talks about alternative cancer treatments, including the Max Gerson therapy which uses coffee enemas. It has information from The China Study as well. The book itself doesn't deal with alternative therapies, unless one calls "eating a diet based on whole plant foods" some kind of alternative therapy. In fact Dr. Campbell does not recommend taking manufactured supplements or "magic bullet" foods like apricot seeds. The book also exposes the influence of the major food and pharmaceutical industries on public policies in the United States. These official policies determine what is supposedly "healthy" food and influence Federal money spent on things like school lunches. By all means, be an informed consumer of modern medicine. Use what works, but get a second or third opinion, and make use of the best of modern medicine.

  • Gregor

    I guess I need to clarify - the coffee enema is to be drank after the enema. I would have thought this would be understood. God knows you can't cure cancer with just a coffee enema!

  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More

    PD: Funny you should mention Max Gerson, because this gentleman also mentioned a book by him, I believe. He is doing everything recommended by the China Study and whatever Max Gerson recommends and he is having results!

  • eyeslice

    A word about the China Study. The guy that wrote it grew up and a farm and grew up eating a diet of rich meat and dairy products. He subsequently became a highly respected expert in the field of nutrition and health and gave up meat and dairy products altogether.

    I personally am vegetarian, mainly because I believe that eating meating means an unsustainable planet and because I strongly disagree with the concept of factory farming of livestock. Additionally, I am increasingly convinced that vegetarianism is the biggest single life style change that we can make to improve our health.

  • *lost*


  • Eve Deceived
    Eve Deceived

    Two things:

    1.) This thread smacks down poster, possible-san, and possible-san's thread of "Don't escape from problem, Simon." With a thread like this (cure treat cancer), there is no possible way Simon is a tyrant who is deleting threads/people arbitrarily. The fact that this very thread was not only not deleted but allowed to stay around all these years...well, I'm pretty positve this is proof Simon is a pretty relaxed kind of guy. This is the sort of thread that is just beyond ridiculous, although the comments have been quite entertaining. As a side note: Thanks, Simon, for this forum. It has been a life-saver to me, and from what I read, to many others as well. I don't post here often, but I do read it every day on my iPhone. I do wish it was somewhat easier to post via my I digress, again...

    2.) The wacky claims in this thread is the reason why I woke up to TTATT. So I guess I have to thank JWs for believing every conman that tries to sell them snake oil because a huge number of JWs endorse claims like these. This is exactly what made me finally research "the truth." I came across nonsense like this spread around by JWs so often, and I had a friend with cancer who was all too ready to believe this exact claim and claims like it. I speak of her in past tense because she is shunning I suppose, sadly, we're not friends anymore. I often felt like my husband and I were the only skeptics among our JW friends and family, and we even got ridiculed by them for standing behind science-based medicine/treatments. We were both labeled as "negative" and "skeptical." It seemed to me that no matter what geographical location, JWs were believers in this sort of quackery. I really felt suffocated by this kind of made me want to scream because people are greatly harmed (even die) because of claims like these. As much as no one seems to appreciate it, I have always been outspoken about this kind of stuff...

    Anyway, I happened to be the one my friend w/cancer would come to to ask my opinions about these bogus claims because she knew I would research it and get back to her with a logical argument on why she shouldn't forego "traditional western medicine" and spend her money and risk her life for such claims. Anyhow, one day it hit me that I had never researched the thing I had pledged my life to: "the truth." I realized I was skeptical and critical about everything else in my life, but not "the truth." I had blindly believed it hook, line, and sinker, without so much as questioning or researching it. (I was a kid when "the truth" entered by life by a controlling I don't think the internet was around least I didn't have access to it until years later...) So, after this realization, I immediately started digging into the history and doctrines and applying my skepticism to "the truth" as I would do to everything else...and well, here I am: a raging apostate after a week's worth of digging.

    Okay. Those are my two points. In summary, I feel I really have to thank crazy claims that JWs believed to wake me up to TTATT and Simon, as well as all those contributing, in providing a wonderful site to go to on awakening and feeling lost and alone.


  • cofty

    Wow thanks for bumping this thread Lost.

    I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you bumped it because it is an outstanding monument to stupidity.

    I often felt like my husband and I were the only skeptics among our JW friends and family, - Eve Deceived

    I can relate to that. People get very touchy when you don't play along with their fantasies, it made life in Watchtower world a bit awkward at times.

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