Cure/Treat Cancer with Apricot seeds

by EndofMysteries 73 Replies latest watchtower medical

  • *lost*

    Eve nice post.

    I bumped it out of curiosity, haven't even read it yet.

  • cofty

    Then why not read it first?

  • *lost*

    Because it was late last night and I bumped it to read through today.

    Who are you the thought police ?

  • Jeffro
    One reason you know it's not a bogus claim, is because you can get the treatment at your own grocery store, nobody is getting rich off of this.

    That's actually a pretty good sign that it is a bogus claim. People with cancer are often desperate for a simple cure, and things like this play on those fears. The cyanide (as amygdalin) in apricot seeds is not recommended as a cancer treatment.

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