Cure/Treat Cancer with Apricot seeds

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  • JeffT

    EOM: in the scientific world testimonies don't mean anymore regarding cancer than they do touting the benefits of field service at a DC. Who are these people? Who did the diagnosisi? What doctor has proof they are cancer free? Where are the before and after cell slides? Feel better? Shooting smack will make you feel better. Bleeding lasted as long as it did because loss of blood makes you light headed and you "feel better."

    Provide a double blind study report and I will take this seriously.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Vitamin B17 is laetrile.

    The pits of stone fruits (plums, cherries, peaches, apricots, nectarines, etc) also contain organic cyanide compounds.

    If you consume enough of them, you will be a candidate for the resurrection.

    Just because something is natural does not mean it is always beneficial. Example: the oil spill in the Gulf contains entirely natural components. Look at how healthy those poor pelicans are!

    According to the National Institute of Health, "The edible portions of dietary plant species commonly used in the United States contain relatively low levels of cyanogen glycosides, although some pits and seeds of common fruits, apple, apricot, peach, contain significantly higher concentrations."

    Ten to fifteen peach pits would not taste very good, and could provide a fatal dose of cyanogen glycosides.

    I will leave it to others to determine dosing methods.

  • EndofMysteries

    Nathan - despite it not being like the chemical cyanide you buy in stores, 10 to 15 (apricot seeds, not sure if by pits your meaning the hard shell as well or not), but 10 to 15 will NOT kill anybody. Many have taken over 30 at once and been fine. If we were all in a physical meeting room, I'd take 30 right now just to put your minds at ease 10 to 15 is safe, and least worth trying out. (maybe one day I'll do a youtube vid, I'll chew and swallow them all lol)

    Can anyone find reports of people dying from peach pits? Or apricot seeds? Even one confirmed death? The natural cyanide and its compound is different then the chemical you can buy at the store.

    Then the studies, the 'lack' of studies. But again why would they want to do it, would do more harm to the 'industry' then good. Although much good to people.

    As for side effects, other then somebody taking too much and feeling a lil sick (some people taken 30 + at once lol), those side effects vs chemotherapy. Or how many people are sent home to die?

    The guy who cured his cancer, was TERMINAL, he was told he it was too late, he WAS GOING TO DIE. 'If' the seeds did it, fortunetly he did so with enough time, or the doctors were just plain wrong who knows.

  • EndofMysteries

    btw when I do take them, I have a 'blendtec' blender, so I put them in there when I make a drink. Make them extra potent lol. When I do add them to drinks, I put in about 10 or so. Never any problem or side effect I've had.

  • steve2

    There will always be a steady supply of people to endorse almost any product on the market, including the "product" of religion.

    Are we ever really impressed by all the robots who line up to make glowing claims and recommendations about the JW lifestyle?

    Come on Endof Mysteries: The fact that people support some "wonderful" cure does not make it a "wonderful" cure.

  • Snoozy

    EOM, how old are you?

    I have been around a long time..I have seen so many "Miracle" cures promoted you would not believe it. My father in law did the Shark cartlage, coffee enemas, every natural vit and herb they recommended for cancer and he still died when they said he would. He had prostate cancer that spread to his bones. The witnesses and his JW wife put him through all kinds of time he thought he had gallstones, which he probably didn't, and a chiropractor (another JW) gave him straight veggie oil (a lot) to drink and some pills..he threw up and had /diaharrea for 24 hours ..all this while he was in severe pain from the bone cancer..

    My sister in law, the one that highly recommended Noni juice, took natural herbs for her IBS, again recommended by a JW. She ended up with an acute infection that wouldn't heal and now has a permanent bag.

    Another witness swore by vitamin E. She couldn't take enough of it..she later had a heart attack and died . Her son, in his 30's took all the vitamins she recommended and still died from cancer...

    My MIL highly recommended "The healing light" for hubby when he had a bad infection one time. He got so sick he finally went to the doc and got a shot. He was better in two days.

    Now my hubby's grandma(non-JW) on the other hand knew a lot of home remedies as she was from an indian tribe. And yet she couldn't save her JW hubby when he got lukemia..nor herself when her hip fractured.

    When I was working a gal had a father with heart trouble. He was on a lot of meds. His grown daughter decided he was getting messed up from all the pills so she got him all the "Natural stuff". He went off his Meds and tried it her way. He shortly ended up in ER with so much fulid in his system he couldnl't breath.

    I also remember when they said that pumpkin seeds had all kinds of healing powers..and vit c and grapefruit juice and the list goes on........................

    Now I do believe some things are beneficial to your health. Like Fish oil, Vit D and calcium..a lot of herbs are even good for you. But I wouldn't ever believe that just one of them would cure anything. It takes a mixture of our basic food groups and a healthy lifestyle and most often good genes to make us healthy enough to fight off diseases....not a bunch of seeds..

    Mankind has made some wonderful advances in "cures" for a lot of diseases..course sometimes the cure is worse than the disease...

  • seawolf

    Like someone stated earlier, it's not just one thing that led to cancer for someone and it's rarely just one thing that will cure it. After the terrible side effects and miserable deaths (and lousy quality of life) that many of the chemo people I've known have gone through, I would pass on that, thanks. The stuff is like pouring drano inside of the body. Not to mention the cost. The father of someone we know had cancer in the early 1980s and took chemo but he had to stop it after just a couple treatments because it made him deathly ill. They're still paying the bill from the chemo and it's nearly 30 years later.

    Also, one thing to remember is people today want a quick fix. They want to take "insert natural item here" (or even a drug) and they're cured! I can guarantee that if they take "insert natural item here" and don't change their diet, stress management/levels, and exercise then they're wasting their time.

    Edit: As to the B-17 thing, I've heard about it and that's been about it. Never looked into it at all. Seems what I heard about it fell into the "quick fix" line of thinking so I just didn't look into it further.

  • eyeslice

    I agree this does sound too scientific to me. However, I would say don't discount diet and the effects it has on health and cancer. From what I have read and heard changing the diet of people with prostate cancer can have amazing effects. I would recommend a couple of really good (i.e. not quackery) books:

    Anticancer: A New Way of Life - by David Servan-Schreiber, M.D., Ph.D

    The China Study - T. Colin Campbell (a bit of an academic read but an excellent book)

    good health to you all


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    btw when I do take them, I have a 'blendtec' blender, so I put them in there when I make a drink.

    An easy way to make a lethal dose of cyanide from a non-lethal number of seeds, is to blend them in water and leave them overnight.

  • EndofMysteries

    Can you show ONE death of apricot or apple seed cyanide?

    I can't find any.

    Blending in water and leaving overnight wouldn't change it's makeup and compound. Maybe I'll do it tonight, unless anyone can show a confirmed death doing that.

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