Cure/Treat Cancer with Apricot seeds

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  • EndofMysteries

    O and btw..........I don't believe in a one all miracle cure for everything, but there is a 'reason' for everything. A 'reason' people get cancer, and I don't doubt that in natural things, potent enough to do much better then any human manipulated medicines.

    Another thing.........for those who also say people tried things and still die, everyone dies eventually. But also, most don't accurately and honestly report THE CAUSE OF DEATH.

    For example, rarely anybody has ever died of 'flu'. It's normally a complication or infection from the result of your immune system being weaked. You'll also see why flu vaccines, outside of controversy, are practically pointless........ when you get the flu, your immune system weakens, during that point, some develop respitory infection, also known as pneumonia. Now flu vaccines don't protect against 'bacterial / fungus infections'. And most will die of the pneumonia. You'd think if anything, it would be pneumonia vaccines people get. You might say, well if I don't get the flu, I'm fine. Nope, if somebody coughs, you share a drink, somehow get the 'bacteria' of pneumonia in you, then YOU get it too! But many who die of pneumonia are listed as flu instead.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    I had a very good friend get involved with acai berry juice MLM. She invested $7500 and lost most of it. The backers were the same ones who did Amway and Herbalife. Same deal. Get a lot of people under you to sell the stuff at $39 a bottle (you can get the same thing at Costco for $17). I think it is still going on - very slick advertising, weak product line - just like Amway and the others. No one but the top 100 or so ever make a dime on this bunkum.

    I recently read a short article that stated that the amount acai berries that are harvested each season would only supply enough juice for about 15% of the bottles of acai juice being sold. Huh?

    I wish I could find another article that stated that one unnamed brand of high dollar acai drink was actually being made with a combination of red grape and cranberry juices, not acai. Now that makes sense.

    The ads for acai make all sorts of claims for healthy living and cure of various ailments. Yet most of the same ads also have extensive disclaimers written in tiny, unreadable typeface. Any time I see that, I know it's a scam.

    EOM, I'm sorry, but what you have is total bunkum and a waste of good forum space. Use your common sense for once. Go on Google and read the OTHER articles about the pit cure. Go to and check out everything you read on the Internet before passing it around.

  • EndofMysteries

    Juan Viejo2 - Are you trying to prove Acai berries don't have health benefits, or that your friend was AN IDIOT for getting into that MLM?

    Where do you see somebody trying to sell apricot seeds or invest $3,000 to MLM them? They are about $3.00 a BAG at a health food store.

    JUAN - your typing out that post was the 'waste of good forum space' PAY ATTENTION NEXT TIME!!!!

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2


    I'm trying to make a point about all three issues.

    Yes, my friend was an idiot for getting into that MLM at a time when she was very tight on money. She even knew that former MLM scammers were behind it, but she did it anyway because their marketing made it look feasible.

    Yes, Acai berries may have some health benefits, but so do orange, tomato, grape, and cranberry juices. So does red wine, but at least some red wines might be worth $39 a bottle, where the MLM goofy drink surely does not. But acai berries are not the cure-all that their backers claim them to be.

    I love apricots, and nectarines, and peaches, and plums. They all have wonderful taste and I'm sure they are ultimately good for health reasons. But eat enough apricot or peach pits and you can suffer the symptoms of cyanide poisoning - and I would certainly caution anyone reading your post to consider that issue. How much cyanide is too little or too much for a person? How much of any poison can you take and still not injure your body or kill yourself?

    You may not be pushing an MLM, but I sincerely feel that you need to do a lot more research about this before promoting it to others. Next time you go into see your doctor, tell your doctor that you are eating apricot pits every day as a cancer cure. I'd love to be a flea on the wall so that I could hear your doctor's response.

  • JeffT

    The natural cyanide and its compound is different then the chemical you can buy at the store.

    More ignorant nonsense. Cyanide is cyanide.

    And I doubt you can buy it at the store.

  • EndofMysteries

    If that's the case Jeff, then we should be able to find quite a few reports of people who died from apricot seeds over the years. Can you find even one?

    Also Jeff, if that's the case, then drinking water should kill you or make you blow up, because there is 'hydrogen' in it.

  • steve2

    Um, EOM flu does kill. The very young and especially the very old were and are at risk of dying of flu - I do not have the statistics on hand, but annually more people have died of current flu strains than of swine flu. Swine flu made the headlines because of the age groups that were most vulnerable to it (young to middle-age adults) and the speed with which it debilitated its victims, of which a higher than usual percentage died.

  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    A 4-year-old child ingested laetrile and almost died of cyanide poisoning. Treatment with the Lilly cyanide antidote kit resulted in rapid, complete recovery. Extremely high whole blood cyanide levels were documented. The necessity for use of the antidote kit in serious cyanide poisoning has recently been questioned. This case demonstrates benefit from antidotal treatment.

    PMID: 2942834 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    hmm 10 seconds of google finds this apparently balanced report:

    As always you can take from it what you will, just dont start quoting it out of context to support your side of it

    I remain a skeptic.


  • glenster

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