2010 District Convention - Some Thoughts on the Sunday Afternoon Session

by Olin Moyles Ghost 43 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • AwSnap

    Just think about what's written there--it refers to Joseph and all his brothers as "that generation." Now 10 of Josephs brothers witnessed events before Joseph's birth and at least 2 of those brothers lived after his death. So they were of a variety of ages but they were contemporaries and viewed as one "generation."

    OMG...did you go to the one in TN? I bet you sat near my family, lol. Question about what I've just highlighted: Do we know the age difference of Joseph and all his brothers? I mean, if TEN of his brothers witnessed events before Joseph's birth, is it possible that there was only ten or twelve years in age difference? And the same goes for for the 2 that lived after he died.

    I had a family member explain this to me exactly how you described this, OMG. It...just...doesnt...make....sense. And what the heck is a "contemporary"?

  • OnTheWayOut

    ...and many present-day anointed ones were his (Fred Franz) contemporaries and part of the generation that Jesus said would not pass away until all these things occur.

    And yet I imagine if I try to pin down a deeper-research JW with this, unless he heard it exactly as stated above, he would not commit to saying that "many present-day anointed ones" are what Jesus was refering to as "this generation" that will not pass away until... .

    I intend to press anyone who tries to push this on me into explaining it on their own. The average JW won't fully understand or accept that they are definitely saying that current GB members are the generation, so I will want to know "What then?"

  • steve2

    The shameless elasticity in the phrase "this generation will not pass away..." will s-t-r-e-t-c-h and s--t--r--e--t--c--h and s---t---r---e---t---c---h for a few years beyond 2014. The only question is when will the doctrinal elasticity have stretched to its absolute and utter limits and the doctrine be ditched altogether?

    Given the gullibility of religious people in general and JWs in particular, we can only hope that, by the point of absolute, ear-shattering breakage, anyone with half an active brain cell would have already left the organization.

  • jookbeard

    OMG; nicely summarized in fine detail, more then enough for anyone to even want to step foot into a DC

  • knock knock
    knock knock

    Kind of funny really. Same message one group sees as "the end is SO close now!", another group sees as delaying "the end", say 40 years or so. Just funny that's all.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I never cuss on this board, ever. But the new and improved definition of a generation has to be the stupidest fucking thing I've ever heard from the Watchtower.

    Sorry folks, remember when we said one generation would not pass away? we actually meant two generations!. Sorry.... Oh, shit, maybe we were supposed to say three generations, not wait, four? Yeah, better make it five.


  • AwSnap

    But the new and improved definition of a generation has to be the stupidest fu(K!ng thing I've ever heard from the Watchtower.

    I keep repeating this sentence over and over and over in my head. I just cannot believe they keep making up new rules as they go along

  • Quandry

    No wonder the folks around you were sleeping or "zoned out" in appearance.....if these people really tried to wrap their minds around the "generation new light" their heads would be shaking and smoke would come out of their ears from brain-overload.

    It is getting to the point of ludicrous.....I'll bet the speaker had to read verbatem from his notes.....he couldn't possibly explain it without doing so!

    At this point, it's too bad you couldn't make like a real ghost and just disappear!

  • joelingeorgia

    Elderly and even most middle aged witnessses do not have anywhere else to go. Their entire social construct is built on the society, meetings and other witnesses. Only if young people build for themselves social outlets outside the society will they be able to successfully leave, otherwise they will just repeat the pattern.

  • observador

    Thanks Olin for the review.

    I love when they explain this mindless, non-sense doctrines from the platform of a Convention. It was sh*t like that that contributed for me leaving the Org. Most JWs at that point in the afternoon are thinking about a number of other things such as what they're gonna eat, with whom, the drive home, the girls (or boys) they weren't able to meet, the next day at work, etc. etc.

    But also remember: a number of JWs a little more settled in life are actually thinking about this non-sense, trying to wrap up the "wonderful" 3-day convention, and this simply doesn't make any sense. A number of these JWs have better jobs, better education, a home, and they are getting quite annoyed by those mindless repetition of old messages; don't see anything exciting; nothing worth fighting for any longer.

    Those are people in their 30s, irritated by these non-sense, and a stone-throw away from opening a web browser and typing the words Jehovahs Witnesses in the search box.

    Exactly what happened to me.

    I love the Information Age.


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