2010 District Convention - Some Thoughts on the Sunday Afternoon Session

by Olin Moyles Ghost 43 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • VM44

    It only shows that The Watchtower is just making things up!

  • molly1

    like george carlin said religious belief is mental illness. because of fear from the invisible man in the sky people unquestionably accept the crap in the bible even if its so ridiculous and cruel they see it as righteous and true. imagine if the things that were written in the bible were carried out in modern life. do you think parents would get away with stoning their children, should a couple be stoned to death for having sex because the wife was menstrating, should 70 thousand people loose their lives because the head of state took a census how about a child put to death for the sins of the father and mother, what would we think of a father who was willing to murder his son because he belived it was to show god how loyal he was , how about the justification of slavery, the invasion of a near by town and slaughter every one except the good looking women you want as a conquest. i could go on and on with the ridiculous examples in the bible that are held up us as ethical and moral. once you go down that road you have to throw reason out the window. i was a jw and had to try and justify these stories to my unbelieving husband. when i left i had to go back to the beginning and look at the bible with a critical eye to set myself free from fear and delusion. i did research on every thing i was taught as well as the watch tower society. knowledge is power. when your trapped into a cult like mindset there is nothing that those in control can't tell you you won't believe or do. your mind and free will is not yours any more. to question sets off a chain of events that once you go down that road there is no turning back pandora's box is open. for many the price is too high not to go along with the status quo. to admit you have been duped, the loss of friends and family, to face your mortality this takes courage. i was lucky to get out and regain my mind. looking back on the person i was as a witness, afraid of information that threatend my belief system, the guilt and depression because of never feeling like you measured up. it was like being in an abusive relationship with no voice. i can hardly believe i let this happend to me. it saddens me to think of so many trapped by something that is not real. the price they are paying whether its realtionships, their precious time wasted away in meetings and door to door work and especially freedom of thought. i keep wondering how long this cult can continue to exist but this latest generation thing proves that the gb knows that they have control of the masses...they have to accept it and drink the kool aide.

  • Farkel

    : "Eventually Joseph died, and also all his brothers, and all that generation."

    :Just think about what's written there--it refers to Joseph and all his brothers as "that generation." Now 10 of Josephs brothers witnessed events before Joseph's birth and at least 2 of those brothers lived after his death. So they were of a variety of ages but they were contemporaries and viewed as one "generation."

    Just think about what can be made of that. "Now, several of Joseph's brothers had children who were living at the time, and were living after their deaths. So they were of a variety of ages but they were contemporaries and viewed as one "generation." These children had their own children, who were living during the their father's lifetimes, and were living after their deaths. So they were of a variety of ages but they were contemporaries and viewed as one "generation." And those children of the children of of the children had their own children and they were living after their father's deaths whose fathers were living at the time of their father's deaths, whose father's were living at the time of THEIR father's deaths. So they were a variety of ages but they were contemporaries...."

    Watchtower insanity!


  • agonus

    Wait a sec... Joseph, his brothers, and that "generation" eventually WHAT? Lived to see Armageddon and the End of The System of Things?

    Oh, no, that's right... they DIED.

    It's just like that classic line from this year's Drama...

    Evil Doubting First-Century Brother: "But the prophets' words didn't come true for hundreds of years! HUNDREDS OF YEARS!"

    Good Little Proto-Dubbie First-Century Brother: "What's your point?"

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