2010 District Convention - Some Thoughts on the Sunday Afternoon Session

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  • straightshooter

    The WTS has dashed the hopes of the older ones that the paradise is so near. It will be the younger ones that will enjoy walking into the paradise earth without dying, unless the WTS revises the generation again for them also.

  • sir82
    Only if young people build for themselves social outlets outside the society will they be able to successfully leave

    Hmm, you don't suppose this is why they're so hysterically bug-eyed spittle-flecked apoplectic about Facebook, do you?

    Naah, that couldn't be it....

    I suspect if you were able to build a time machine and travel 20 years into the future, you'd still find "Jehovah's Witnesses", but they would be in a completely unrecognizable form.

  • DeathSentry

    I just had my study and I didn't have the heart to tell the brother that I no longer believe in what the FDS is saying. I stopped going to meetings earlier this year and I told him earlier that the generation teaching didn't make sense to me. For a moment there is seemed like some recognition registered in his eyes, but then, unfortunately, he went down the same path and said that it will all be explained in the DC.

    I was also visiting my folks last weekend (in their late 70s) who have been witnesses for at least 40 years. I don't even bring it up as the original poster said, at this age, it will do them no good to dwell on the fact that they have been duped. At 48, even for me, it was tough coming to terms about the fact that I will have to worry about dying and am so glad that I did at least go to college to have at least some retirement savings. But it does break my hear when I see my parents; I remember reading material about millions now living will never die and how excited they were to have studies with myself and my siblings in the Live Forever book, etc.

    But this last change? This just smacks of total disrepect for people's intelligence. On another website which is for JWs only, I stated that I was still confused and didn't quite get this new change. Someone responded and said that I need to trust the FDS and that I didn't need to necessarily do the research myself. Then it just really hit me that what has been said on these boards is so true; its a mind-control paternalistic view of the world.

    Again, breaks my hear that so many sincere ones felt they had found the path to God; and not that other religions don't have their flaws, but to lead people astray on purpose is sad. There is another gentleman on the radio, Harold Camping from Family Radio network, that is saying that the end of the world will come in May 2011. Again, I listen to his radio show and so many sincere people really believe they have found the true path.

    Makes me think of being agnostic/atheist.

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    Great thread. And , OMG, I agree with all your views.

  • NiceDream

    At my convention it didn't look like anyone was listening to the generation part of the talk. But, after, the brother had "exciting news" about the brothers in Russia being exonerated and everybody was enraptured. All the Dubs could talk about how Jehovah was behind this wonderful news and their cool new DVD and forget about questioning the generation.

    I'm beginning to agree that "Religion is a snare and a racket."

  • Oceanblue

    What made me sick about the whole thing is that in the morning session on Sunday, a woman in her late 40s, early 50's was interviewed at the district convention I attended. She talked about how her parents had divorced when she was young, but both ended up in the "truth". When she was a teenager, her mother left and later became an "apostate". She decided to live with her dad because she said her mother's life had become "very turbulent". While giving this experience, the woman was chocking back tears. Later in the last talk, which was given by a man from Bethel, he mentioned this woman when he related the experiences of Russell, Rutherford, etc. to show how important it is to "remain in the high place". I knew the GB was that dirty, but to see how they would manipulate people's emotions just to make them stay after explaining some bs reason for why the end hasn't come yet is a new low for them.

    The whole thing is just ridiculous. The only ones I truly feel sorry for are all the older ones who really can't leave because this organisation is their whole social network, espcially if their families aren't Jehovah's Witnesses and they don't have children. Everybody else just needs to actually read and do some research.

  • JustHuman14

    Same old sh*t coming out from Brooklyn sh*t hole...It reminds me the good old early 80's, when I was a teenager and at the District Convention we had talks and dramas that were urging us not to study, become full time pioneers, because the end was just around the corner, and we would never grow old in this System.

    Well apparently I grew old, I'm in my early 40's, it was 30 years ago, the generation died, and still I'm 'waiting' to see 'God's' promises to be fullfilled...

  • ozziepost

    So as I understand them, the Borgmeisters are now saying that "the generation" comprises two groups. Is this another of their Bible-basedâ„¢ teachings? Try as I might, I just don't find any scripture that even mentions it, let alone describes it.

    How sad for those still duped.

  • Bangalore

    Thanks for the info,OMG.


  • VM44

    No one in their right mind would think of a "generation" in the way that The Watchtower now does.

    The Watchtower is insulting everyone's intelligence by trying to pass off this "definition" of a generation.

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