Official: Ted Jaracz's Funeral Brochure

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  • DaCheech

    undue attention:

    I know some brothers that were counseled not to wear matching tie/hankerchief for it might draw "undue attention"

    but, it's ok for these arses?

    I'm fuming right now

  • yknot
    You just know a bunch of uber-zealous Bethelites are proud of their collection of these things....

    LOL Sir82....

    I was thinking the exact same thing!


    And if any of those uber-zealous Bethelites are lurking..... I would really like a copy of Henschel and Barry (or any ones you care to share)

  • No Apologies
    No Apologies

    Ok that's just sick and bizarre!! Has any other deceased GB member gotten this kind of glorification when they croaked? Usually its 2 paragraphs at the back of next months Watchtower.

    I guess if any doubted how much of clout Teddy had, well, here's your sign.

    Interesting that it gives his date of birth and baptism, two items I have never seen before, which is unusual for someone so high up the ladder at Bethel. Did they ever do a "life story" article on him?

    No Apologies

  • restrangled

    I am outraged! Why is it the lowly rank and file have contributed over 100,000.00 to this scam, and they request a lowly funeral?

    I can say no more.


  • yknot

    As promised....

    Here are pdfs of Ted, Carey, Dan and Bert's funeral brochrues:

    Ted :




    I find Dan's the most pleasing to the is a very serene!

  • miseryloveselders

    Dan Sydlik reminds me of a mafioso. He looked like Capone in those pictures. Like he'd have you whacked or your legs broken.

  • yknot

    Where as I can still hear Dan's voice in my head...... reminded me of some of my uncles.

  • daryl

    Jaracz gone...good ridence

    " Suffer the child, that a worldly cult shall prosper,

    By either the torturing hand of a sexual predator,

    or the tormenting hand of a Birthday Nazi parent"!

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