Official: Ted Jaracz's Funeral Brochure

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    The "Lets all be like Ted" Brochure.....Is Blatent advertising for the WBT$..

    The WBT$ has a dead "WBT$ Rock Star".....Ted Jaracz.....To help advertise the WBT$..

    With the exception of JapanBoy/Japster.. His family probably loves it..

    ......................... ...OUTLAW

  • St George of England
    St George of England
    Did anyone see the chart on the platform in one of the pictures? Anyone remember those? They were big congregation "time slips" with the cong's activity for each month pasted in. I used to help my congregation servant daddy paste the numbers in the boxes when I was little. Fun times... :)

    I think that photo must have been pre 1950 as the year text is from the KJV.

    I remember the charts very well in the 1950' and 60's. We did not have a permanent KH in those days so we had a 'roll up' version which my dad had to carry on the bus to and from every meeting. The numbers came on sheets from the WTS, in red and black, and had to be carefully cut out and pasted on at the end of every month. A visitor to the KH apparently asked about PUBS on the chart; that is a common abbreviation for Public House here in England, it was of course number of publishers!

    Sometime in the 60's the charts were abandoned and a small sheet which I think covered 6 months instead of a year, was pinned on the notice board.

    Thank you posting this ynot, I wonder when the R&F will be allowed to find out? Definitely one to slip on the notice board.


  • straightshooter

    Thanks for the information. Now he does not have direct control over the GB.

  • Titus

    Is it first time they print brochure like that?

    Does somebody have similar brochure for Sydlik, Barber, Henschel, Freddy, Russell, St.Peter...?? Jesus........? Moses............?

  • yknot
    Thanks for the information. Now he does not have direct control over the GB.

    Yea.... he is back to 'newboy' status amongst the past leaders in heaven

  • jamiebowers
    I am sorry, but this is distasteful - when given the disregard that the witnesses treat the ordinary JW rank & file member in a standard JW funeral.
    It is practically human exaltationism.

    My thoughts exactly!

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Did anybody else pick up on the in 1974 he was invited to join the governing body FOLLOWED by a photo of the CURRENT GB (with a black brother on it?)

  • moomanchu

    Thanks for that.

    "Deeply saddened by their loss" ?

    What did they think he was going to live forever ?

  • yknot

    How many funerals use pictures of the deceased at their job versus family, friends and 'good times'

  • moshe

    No children- I wonder, if they ever felt cheated by that decision.

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