Official: Ted Jaracz's Funeral Brochure

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  • yknot
    Does somebody have similar brochure for Sydlik, Barber, Henschel, Freddy, Russell, St.Peter...?? Jesus........? Moses............?

    Sydlik had a similar program.

    I am not at my house today ....... but when I get home I will PDF this brochure too...

    Until then jpgs courtesy of

    In addition for anyone who is interested and should Jaracz Memorial discourse be leaked.... Here is Dan's Discourse

  • JWoods
    All members of the GB have to be of the anointed.

    All of them have to CLAIM to be of the annointed, I believe you may have meant...not that any annointed/partaking JW I have ever known could ever explain how they knew...

  • yknot

    Evidently.....' finished his earthly course' type of commentary is quite common among GBs Memorial Brochures....

  • minimus

    Double standards!!!!!

    The GB can write a BROCHURE for someone who has died but the lowly JW that passes has an outline from the Society that BARELY talks about the deceased. It's ALL about the "hope".


  • Gregor

    I've heard that, years ago, congregations maintained such charts on the information board--perhaps even including the statistics for each publisher.

    Yes, like any sales organization - cars, brushes, encyclopedias, etc.

  • WTWizard

    And let's not forget the institution of the two-witness rule for pedophiles.

  • Titus

    Thank you Tonky!

  • yknot

    Found Barber's!

    Again I wil PDF later tonight.....

  • Titus

    Very good!

  • BluesBrother

    I am not going to rubbish a family's personal tribute at funeral.. I have seen similar leaflets produced for local dubs at their funeral/memorial service .

    I had no time for T J in life and have no interest in his tribute......

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