Oh, Crap, JW Family ReunionMy

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  • StAnn

    My dad hasn't spoken to me in about 18 months after we had a fight over the WTS.

    (See thread I started then: http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/members/private/170916/1/Id-Like-to-Shoot-My-Dad )

    So, today he calls me and leaves a message that he's having a "family reunion" on June 26 and I'm welcome to come and bring the family. He said that I'm welcome to come if I want to.

    I already knew about this reunion from one of my brothers and know that my JW siblings and my mom were pitching a fit because my DF'd brother was going to be there. My JW aunt and uncle refused to come because of my DF'd brother. So my brother declined the invitation and my dad told him that, in anger, he had cancelled the reunion. Now, today, he calls and invites me to the reunion on the same date, at the same place as the one my brother was invited to. Of course, no one will know that I'm coming except my dad, if I did show up. I happen to know that only JWs have been invited.

    Why is he doing this? Hasn't spoken to me in over a year and then invites me to a Hoviefest? No thank you.


  • snowbird

    They want you back.



    Maybe they are going to do an intervention....seriously, WTF? Who knows? Are you DF'd?

  • Finally-Free

    Say you'll come, and then call everyone in the family and tell them how much you're looking forward to it. Give them all a chance to have another fit.

    Make sure you bring a belated Fathers Day cake too.


  • StAnn

    Syl, they definitely don't want me back.

    A&W, I was DF'd in abstentia for apostasy! Ooh!

    FF, I'm halfway tempted to go and go up to my pioneering brother and his wife and say, "Wow! Aren't you upset about his new overlapping generation that extends the generation for another 100 years? Man, to think you guys gave up careers and didn't have any kids so you could pioneer and now you're in your 50's. Geez, are you upset that when the New World comes you won't be able to have any perfect children?"

    Or something like that. Yes, I have a cruel side, but at least I come by it honestly.

    Maybe A&W is right and they're planning an intervention to cast the Catholic demons out of me....! Or maybe they're planning to murder me and hide the body so I'll quit posting things about them on JWN and other places on the internet. It could be classified as spiritual warfare, don'tcha know.


  • Quandry

    My dad hasn't spoken to me in about 18 months after we had a fight over the WTS.

    My family used to have reunions. Only one cousin was a JW. It was nice to see all my mother and father, and dad's brothers and sisters together, and see the cousins, everyone' kids, etc.

    My dad is gone, now. So are all the brothers and sisters except one uncle. He was the baby of the family. No one else gets together anymore, so I haven't seen my cousins in a long time.

    If I had the opportunity to see my dad, I would take it. Even if it meant just sitting back and observing. I think your dad is trying to make an overture to you to have some semblance of a family again. Unless you know of really good reasons not to go, I hope you do. I hope you treat everyone with kindness, even if they do not reciprocate. You will have taken the opportunity to see your famiy, and they will see that you are living a good life without the WTS.

    This may be an occasion to lose some of the resentment. I hope so.

  • Lozhasleft

    Maybe ask your dad why he wants you to come under the circumstances St Ann???

    Loz x

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    I agree with Quandry. I think you should go. He has invited you. You can go and not talk about anything related to JWs or religion. Maybe you can regain some family connections.

    I 100% understand your feelings and your desire to argue about doctrine. But just let it go for right now.

    You can go and be looking good and showing everybody how well you're doing and how happy you are away from the KH.

  • mrsjones5

    So is your df'd brother still not going to attend?

  • StAnn

    Josie, no my DF'd brother won't be attending.

    Quandry & Scarred, I know it's probably stupid and stubborn, but an apology from my dad for what he said 18 months ago and for his conduct at my uncle's funeral in December would go a long way. And it doesn't matter if I go and am nice to everyone~they refuse to speak to me. They just turn away and stick their oh-so-superior JW noses in the air. My husband won't attend and won't allow me to take the children because he says he won't have his children seeing their mother mistreated like that.

    Loz, if I ask him why, that means I'll have call him back and have a conversation with him. Geez, talk about awkward. Besides, he's got this crazy idea that his JW kids/wife aren't as bad as they are. He's been around it for so long that he just doesn't see how atrocious their behavior is.

    It is particularly difficult for me to be shunned by my nieces and nephews who have been lied to about me and are obviously afraid of me.

    So I could go (alone) and spend the day talking only to my dad while the rest sit around and ignore me. Fun, fun, fun.


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