Oh, Crap, JW Family ReunionMy

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  • nelly136

    so if your dad wouldnt talk to you a funeral cos the dubs would see, how is he going to be able to talk to you at the reunion with all those dubs.

    you might not just be sitting there talking to your dad, if they monopolise him you might just be sitting there talking to no one.

  • StAnn

    My dad hasn't told anybody else that he invited me. I think he thinks that if we catch them off guard, they'll be decent. NOT.

    Also, I don't plan on ever bringing up my dad's conduct to him. "I'm sorry" isn't in his vocabulary. I just mentioned his conduct so you would know why I've been rather perplexed that he up and invites me to a picnic after shunning me for 18 months, especially considering how he behaved at the funeral.

    It is possible that since his baby brother died he is reevaluating things and trying to reunite his family. My dad is 75 years old.

    Oh, and his JW children DO see him as just bird food. He just can't accept it.


  • WuzLovesDubs

    I would go...and take your brother. When the JWs start acting like assholes just tell your dad that you are sorry but you have to go, and that you thought this was a FAMILY reunion and that FAMILY members were getting together and not a "congregation picnic" where only JWs were worthy of participating or being treated civilly. And that if you wanted to be abused by holier than thous, youd go back to meetings.

    Its nice that he asked you to come...but I see a whole bunch of strings attached to that invitation.

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