My Grandfather.

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  • StAnn

    Notacaptive, your sister's experience is rather frightening. I'd have moved, too.


  • The Finger
    The Finger


    No. I was going to school my mother was in the hallway at the time it didn't disappear for her but I was on the stairs where most of the things happened. (It is along time ago but I think that is when it happened)

    I also recently felt the need to talk with a doctor of theology who teaches at university about a possibility concerning my brother who was a baby at the time and how it affected him.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    So the ghost of a dead chimney bird was haunting you and a demonic sweater was pushing people around..........that's so 12 Century! Luck you didn't burn Grandad at the stake!

  • The Finger
    The Finger

    witness 007

    He had a similar attitude. But it changed.

  • mrsjones5

    Sounds like a movie I saw once about an old man who becomes haunted:

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