My Grandfather.

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  • The Finger
    The Finger


    There are several problems with your suggestion although I would somewhat agree with you and we at the time didn't jump to the conclusion we had a problem with "demons". My Father suggested we throw out the jigsaws just in case there was any connection.

    When he lowered the board in front of the opening in the fireplace he did so slowly as he didn't want the bird or whatever it was to come flying out at him but the flapping, banging on the board was still occuring as he started to lower it.

    He also did take a really good look up the chimney with a flashlight and the chimney is rather narrow for a bird to vertically fly out.

    We didn't have anymore problems until the middle of the autumn and even those at first we dismissed.

    We realised there was a real problem when one night my father last one to bed turned out the light in the hallway before going to bed and something pushed past him and went into the kitchen. He raced up the stairs into the bedroom and my mother said she'd never seen him frightened before. He came back out to go down alittle later and when he got to the top of the stairs he could see the "apparition" about three or four steps up from the bottom of the stairs. It was headless and resembled a sweater. I had already seen it myself.

  • cantleave

    The JW's are more superstitious than anyone else they condemn for the same. Why the hell would a "Demon" possess a jigsaw puzzle? The only way to completely eliminate superstition is to take a scientific approach to everything that seems paranormal or unexplainable, try to find logical explanations. There is a lot we still don't understand but when do, demons won't be responsible.

  • StAnn

    If the sweater was an apparition, how was your grandfather able to throw it out?

    Let me be clear here. I really, honestly lived in a "haunted" house. If there weren't other witnesses to what happened, I would never tell it. I'm predisposed to believe you. But something is wrong in your story. Were you very young when all of this happened? Perhaps you're forgetting some of the details.

    Let me tell you one story of mine. My brother Mike was spending the evening at a mutual friend's house, named Kelly. I was in bed when I was awakened by headlights shining on the wall above my bed. I got up, looked out into the driveway, and saw my Mike get out of his friend Rick's car. I heard Mike and Rick talk, say goodbye, and saw Rick leave. I then heard my mother say, "Mike's home, I'll let him in." Mom then went and unlocked the front door. Mike came in without speaking (normal for him) and started up the stairs, where I was waiting for him. Mike climbed 3 or 4 stairs, looked up at me, and disappeared. I thought I must have been still asleep and dreaming and went back to bed.

    Next morning, when I woke up, I remembered what happened and went across the hall to see if Mike was really home or not. Mike was not in the room and his bed wasn't slept in. I then went downstairs and began helping my mom with breakfast. I set 4 places at the table. My mother said, no, set 5 places. I said, no, it's you, me, Dad, and James. Mom said, and Mike. I said, Mike's not here. Mom said, yes he is and you know he is here. You were waiting for him at the top of the stairs when I let him in last night.

    Now, at this point my mother went upstairs and checked Mike's room to no avail. My dad also was confused because he watched Mom let Mike in the door. Mom called the house of the person who dropped Mike off the night before and he and his mother both confirmed that Mike never left their house, neither did Rick, and that Rick did not drop Mike off at home. The mother confirmed numerous times that Mike had spent the night at her house.

    This kind of stuff happened all the time. Even the neighbors had experiences at our house with Mike~when he wasn't really there. It all stopped when Mike moved out.

    Now, our family had experiences when I was little and my grandfather lived with us. The experiences stopped after he died.

    So, as I say, I'm predisposed to believe you but your story isn't specific enough. It just doesn't make a lot of sense. Tell it again, from the beginning, and don't leave anything out.

    And I'm not going to say what it was re: my brother or my grandpa, i.e., demons or ghosts, what have you, because I simply don't know. I do believe that someday we will discover perfectly natural explanations for all of this stuff.


  • nelly136

    did grandad get to live in the new house till he died ?

  • StoneWall

    The Finger said

    He took it away from the house and deposited it in public waste bin some mile or so from the house.

    So my question is this, after he did this was there ever any strange phenomenon or unusual occurences reported in the local papers or news that seemed to suggest other people started "seeing" similar things happening there in relation to these items? (either the waste bin location or the public landfill that would have received the mentioned items)

    If not then why do you suppose there was none?

    And if so could you offer up a scan of a paper or a internet link to support this?

  • The Finger
    The Finger


    No there was nothing reported. That's a good question why not?

  • StoneWall

    The Finger,

    I just located a similar thread on which I as well as many others responded to happenings of "strangeness" very much like what you describe,all the way to the depositing of the item in a waste bin. You might find it interesting to look over it.

    The thread is here:

  • The Finger
    The Finger


    Thank you for the suggestion, I will look at it.


    thank you for your experience and yes mine was along time ago and yes i was young. We (my family) were never in a rush to pin it on "demons" but we did want it to stop. There were other things that happened at the time. Some worse than others. The "sweater/apparition" I don't know if it was the real thing or an apparition. I saw it and saw it moving and had a door open and close ahead of me. My mother heard the door and came out from the kitchen. Ect. It did stop with once the sweater had gone.

    My Grandfather was not a believer and seemed to like it except for his ice cold room. He also at one point communicated with someone and thought he was rather clever when my parents were out and he descibed in detail their drive home from the field service although he didn't know where they had gone. Telling me finally that they had pulled up outside and they were at the front door. Which they were. We were at the back of the house. Lucky guess? I asked my parents where they had been and the drive home which way they had come.

    At one time coming down the stairs the front door and surrounding wall disappeared and I could see clearly the front garden, the road and i distinctly remember looking at the roses that grew in the front.

    We had other experiences over the months.


    No we all moved about 18 months later

  • nelly136

    did grandad die if he didnt move with you?

    i find ghosty stuff quite interesting but try and figure the human earthly possibilities first

  • leavingwt
    What do you think?

    According to JW theology, MY house should literally be chock full of demons, at this very moment. I'll let you know if I see any.

    Your story is interesting. IMHO, it demonstrates the real power of the Placebo Effect.

    Occam's Razor (Parsimony) is our friend. Cherish him, as he we will often serve you well and release you from the bonds of irrational fears.

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