My Grandfather.

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  • StAnn

    Finger, I have to laugh at your statement that you don't buy used books at book fairs or garage sales. A couple of summers ago, my son and I were garage saleing and he picked up a couple of WTS books. I told him, "Put those down! Those are from a cult! They might be demonized!" Oh, the looks on the faces of the people holding the garage sale.

    Regardless of the humor in that situation, I really do believe that Satan guides the WTS and don't want anything from them in my house. My life has been a lot better and apparition free since I banned the WTS from my bookcase, my home, and my life.


  • not a captive
    not a captive

    That's true! Yes, for me too.

  • jamiebowers
    When he lowered the board in front of the opening in the fireplace he did so slowly as he didn't want the bird or whatever it was to come flying out at him but the flapping, banging on the board was still occuring as he started to lower it.
    He also did take a really good look up the chimney with a flashlight and the chimney is rather narrow for a bird to vertically fly out.

    Years ago when my brother and I lived in an old brick building, he removed some of the baseboard from his bedroom wall to install a home gym. Apparently a bat came through the opening and was flying above my bed. I was petrified and started screaming. I wrapped a sheet around my head, screeching like a lunatic and ran into the living room. I turned on the light. My brother came out of his room with a pillow and swung at and hit the bat. I saw it hit the floor, and then it disappeared. My brother searched the entire apartment and never found it. We never saw it again, dead or alive. Animals have a knack for making themselves scarce when life is at stake.

    I believe in the paranormal and have had quite a few experiences that many others have witnessed in our house. I have no idea what or who it is, but nothing dangerous has happened. I just don't believe tht demons inhabit items. What happened at your house probably had nothing to do with the puzzle or the sweater.

  • The Finger
    The Finger


    "have to laugh at your statement that you don't buy used books at book fairs or garage sales."

    I must have mistyped my comments. I do buy books or have done at garage sales, there used to be a book fair that came to our area many years ago and I brought a great book of Robin Hood stories plus some old WTS books.(I no longer have them)


    Maybe although we thought it was the sweater, because it was blue and we'd seen it moving about the house at times. The connection to the "demons" or whatever was actually my Grandfather? Not the clothing.

  • nelly136

    were there any occurences of weird stuff happening before you all moved in?

  • The Finger
    The Finger


    No we never had any "weird stuff" we had lived with my Grandfather for about 4years prior to the occurences.

    There were other things that happened in the months that we had the problems. I know we had trouble with something. I don't want to detail everything that occured for a variety of reasons.

  • StAnn

    My parents bought a house from a widow. She left the dining room suite behind. We had nothing but trouble. Interestingly, my non-JW grandpa lived with us in that house and for a long time my JW mother blamed all of the activity on him! (I think it was scapegoating.) Anyway, eventually my parents tracked the activity to the dining room suite's buffet. When my parents sold that house, they left the dining room suite behind. Not long after, we stopped by and the new owners had the dining room suite for sale~but had already burned the buffet.

    My point behind this story is, the stuff your grandfather got rid of in a wrapped parcel, is that stuff he had recently acquired? Seems if he'd had an attachment to the occult, the problems would have been there from the time you guys moved in with him.


  • ambersun

    This is a fascinating thread. I think a lot of frightening experiences among JWs are a direct result of being constantly brainwashed into believing that anything outside the safe realm of the Watchtower Society is under the influence of Satan and second hand items were most probably posessed by demons. I can remember personally throwing things away that had been given to me just in case.

    On one occasion I had been given some make-up by a colleague at work. The lady had told us she was a Spiritualist but she seemed nice enough and the make-up was brand new and good quality so it seemed a shame to refuse it. However, that night I woke up feeling as though my bed was being shaken and I was terrified. I can remember doing what we were told to do in those circumstances and shouted out "in the name of Jehovah go away". The shaking stopped and I eventually went back to sleep. The make-up was disposed of at the first opportunity. However, did that really happen or was it just my vivid imagination working overtime? In retrospect I am inclined to think it was the latter.

    However, I would never for a second ridicule or disbelieve anyone claiming to have had a bad experience, especially if several members of the family experienced it together which must have been very frightening and unnerving. It makes me think there may be powers beyond what we know, but not necessarily demonic. Some kind of quantum energy perhaps?

    Just out of interest, over the last few years I have helped out working in antique centres packed with all things imaginable, often spending many hours alone amongst them, but never once experienced anything unusual.

  • StAnn

    Ambersun, I would agree that it may very well have been that you subconsciously expected problems because the woman was a Spiritualist and perhaps imagined the shaking bed. In my case stories, many, many people experienced the same things at the same time. However, I do believe that eventually we'll find out that there is some kind of natural phenomena that causes these things to happen. It's just not easily explainable at present.


  • StAnn

    Finger, when you came down the stairs and the front wall of the house had disappeared, had you just awakened, either first thing in the morning or from a nap? Kinda wondering if this was a "waking dream"?


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