My Grandfather.

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    The Finger

    " I think it is good to be slow to jump to conclusions very quickly even when we can see definite events that follow one another closely in time."

    not a captive,

    I agree with you. I don't think we did. My parents had been in the "truth" about 8 years we'd had problems but not like this. Since then we have brought things at garage sales and books at book fairs and we've never had a problem. Another 42years.

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    The Finger


    No he lived with us for about another year and then found a place in a retirement home. Where he was fairly active and continued on for another 10 years. He was always sharp.

    It's the point that he never accepted christianity or the JW's but this seemed to change him. He was much more open to the JW's. Sometimes my daughter has worried about if we could get the problems again or if we have them if strange things happen. NO. I know what it felt like.

  • not a captive
    not a captive

    Thanks for responding, finger,

    I actually am not able to shake off people's experiences automatically. I only mentioned jumping to quick conclusions because of very odd occurrances that have had strange but natural explanations.

    In 1974 I slept in an Irish cemetery near an isolated little town because my freewheeling bicycle trip didn't include advance rooming arrangements.It was early spring and evening falling, I rode up to the first B&B i saw and noticed an inordinant number of cars about (cars were not so common then as I hear they are now)Too bad for me, there had been a football match between villages or something and NO accommodations. I pedaled off.

    Nothing on the horizon and dark moving in fast I became aware of an ivy covered stone wall by the road. It encircled an abandoned church yard. Everything was shrouded in a dark green ivy. Even the only relic left of the church, --A chimney? a spire? was an ivy monument. I stopped and saw the churchground were like a hammock of the same stuff. Maybe this could provide a safe night's rest---

    Almost dark,I looked around and pitched my bike over the wall thinking that no drunken footballers would find me there and I might sleep and get a move on in the morning.

    It was a dew-soaked and miserable night. I woke up long before dawn utterly miserable and rummaged blindly through my canvas rutsack for matches and a cigarette.(i smoked then) I lit one and could see my watch--long time til sunrise. I decided to scrounge around for branches to kindle a fire, warmup and killtime--and cook up a few rashers of bacon when it got light.

    I stacked damp twigs on a hard flat surface where I had cleared away the everywhere-ivy to lay the fire--and just as I struck a match--I imagined I heard a sound where I crouched.

    I stopped moving and listened more closely. It began again--scriiitchh, scritchh, scratch. Clawing sounds near my feet! I stood up and looked about and there was nothing but blackness with no horizon.

    It seemed (aLa Edgar Allen Poe ) to be coming from underground! O GOD. was I scared. And even worse, when I scraped hard at the ground where I thought the sound came from--I found I had built my fire on someone's slab grave stone!

    My heart was bursting with a terror, my ears were aching with fear hearing the clawing sound again!

    Trying to be rational I decided it was more to the side of the stone, near my canvas bag. With light coming enough see my hand move to it Ishifted the bag and found the soure of he terror--An Irish hedgehog.

    He had been working at the side of my rough canvas bag for reasons of his own and left off after I found him out. I was a laughing nervous wreck--

    Knowing that if I had pedaled away without seeing the hedgehog I would be telling you"Tales from the Crypt" is what makes me careful of hasty judgements.


    That said, my older sister who was working on a graduate degree in Ireland in 1972 had repeated and frightening experiences with a "presence" in her flat; t"it" became so agressive that she lost money in order to move out.

    She was alone in her locked up flat after the lights went out. She thought she heard a large dog pacing through the room. This went one for a few nights until she lay in bed one night and felt "it" on her chest weighing her down and its breath in her face. She screamed and was up and that was the last night she spent there.

    I cannot say anything about it. She discounted any pranks of the landlady--why lose a paying renter? I am sure there might be an explanation--but I don't know what it is to this day and neither does she.

  • The Finger
    The Finger


    Thank you for your thoughts.

    "Why the hell would a "Demon" possess a jigsaw puzzle?"

    Exactly! what are they up to.

    I don't know it wasn't a good time.

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    The Finger


    What do you think happened to my father the night he turned out the light and something scared the hell out of him pushing past in the dark into the kitchen. When he came out onto the landing and saw something in the same place on the stairs i'd seen it but not told him?

    Could you explain the placebo effect?

    I could google it, but your probably better at it I think.

  • changeling

    I won't comment on the demon issue since I think it's rubbish, but I did want to point out that, according to present WT light, you and your WWI veteran granddad are of the same generation. Congrats! :)

  • not a captive
    not a captive

    Finger ,

    It is a tough thing to have others not estimate such experiences in the same way as oneself does. I have often wondered if Jesus didn't tell some of the people he healed "Go and tell no one" to preserve them from having their joy diminished in any way.

    Here on JWN there is a lot of life that was taken up with falsified stories.The examination of the supernatural is really why this forum exists, in a way. The WTS appropriated the ancient text of supernatural events that humans said God had done. They overthought and made elaborate predictions and explanations that didn't help. Infact they compounded the problem of the old text's renderings by presuming insights that they didn't have.

    So this forum is probably more cynical of apparitions and supernatural phenomenon than the average group of people.

    Don't let yourself get upset.

    What is important is being open to what really happened--and that goes for all of us--doubters and believers alike.

  • The Finger
    The Finger


    I know, I think it's awful as well.

    After all I based my life on the generation teaching.

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    The Finger

    not a captive,

    Thank you,

    "Don't let yourself get upset."

    I'm not upset, you would all know if I was.

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