I'm glad my children don't have to grow up being afraid of cupcakes

by Ilovebirthdays 51 Replies latest jw experiences

  • millie210

    I dont remember where exactly the articles are but we got "counsel" about gatherings...

    keep them small, have a person in oversight (preferably an elder)

    This especially applied to wedding receptions! OMG. Any relaxed behavior was equated with wantonness or licentiousness.

    I would check starting from 2005 maybe?

    I remember it all started with "keeping them small"....and went from there.     

  • MissFit

    This reminded me of an incident when I was 13 or so.

    On our way to our Assembly, we  stopped at my nonJW 's house for a couple of days to visit.  Some how they discovered that it was my sister's birthday that day.

    When we arrived, they greeted us with a lit birthday cake and preceded to sing happy birthday.

    We were frozen in shock.  We had no clue how to handle it.   My Aunt was beaming with pleasure anticipating our delighted reaction to their surprise.

    My mom was always pretty cool about things.  We gave her a "now what?" look.

    She smiled graciously and thanked them for their thoughtfulness. We had our first birthday cake ever.   But I remember that paralyzing feeling when we saw that cake.  Mom later explained to them about birthdays but she told us there was no reason to waste the cake..lol.  like I said a cool mom.

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