I'm glad my children don't have to grow up being afraid of cupcakes

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  • WTWizard

    And it's not just cupcakes. Children of witlesses are taught that anything to do with birthdays and holidays is bad and wicked. Eating a cupcake is usually associated with a birthday, and so the witlesses have nothing to do with them.

    There are so many other harmless things that panic witless children. Take singing winter-themed songs. How many born-ins remember singing "Jingle Bells", only to get in trouble with your parents. Easter candy is another. All because of the "stumbling" card that is played. They do not eat the stuff, even if they are not celebrating Easter, because it might stumble someone. This could also play a role with the cupcakes.

    Also, I would not rule out eating cupcakes ultimately being banned in the future. With Jaracz dead, Losch is the next humanoid to take control. And I suspect strongly that he will start putting teeth in those bans he has been throwing around. Take college: Didn't Losch have something to do with "college is like shooting oneself in the head" or "D.E.A.D."? All it takes is one Kool-Aid Washtowel or Kingdumb Misery, or a letter through the hounder-hounders, or a part in a Grand Boasting Session in the near future, and eating cupcakes could officially be celebrating something that "we don't do". On top of that, this guy is perfectly capable of putting teeth in a full entertainment ban, probably starting with sports, that could get totally out of control. I know not where the slime will draw the line, but given Boozerford's bans on Christmas and the cross, nothing would surprise me if I see a rag or hear of a part at an a$$embly that something formerly permitted is now banned.

  • designs

    The Joy killers. When the world is painted as being full of cooties it really affects the little Witness kids, they don't have the processing skills to know their parents are overblowing the situation.

  • journey-on

    This story choked me up. I feel that kid's pain. I was there. "One bite of that cupcake and I'll be destroyed at Armageddon!" Gawd! The guilt JW kids live with day to day. I remember feeling a patriotic stir when America The Beautiful was sung at school, and being sure Jehovah knew that I really loved my country deep down....shame on me.

  • tiki

    porr kid...i'm glad he got his cupcake. it's just so ridiculous and so emotionally devastating to a child to be forced to be an outcast when most of the time they really don't even get what is so bad about a party...a turkey in november, funny costumes at halloween...let the kids be kids and enjoy themselves. ahhhh but they can't. peer pressure is bad enough, but to go out of your way to make your child fearful of all things fun and part of growing up is just plain sick.....but then that's what it's all about. creating a bunch of little robots running around banging on doors and having no education or life.

  • journey-on

    I venture to say that, unless a parent was raised as a JW too, they have absolutely no idea what their child faces everyday. We (JW children) always put on a happy face and never spoke about our fears, guilt, and pain. Our parents had no inkling and I will bet today's JW parents don't either.

  • beksbks

    ILBD, you made me cry too. The constant vigilance that a poor kid has to go through, when they should just be focused on being children! Brought back some terrible memories of my own JW childhood.

    JO, I'll never forget the first time I went to a football game, and belted out the Star Spangled Banner. Cried through the whole thing.

  • ambersun

    I am so glad me and Hubby completed our fading when our children were still young enough to experience at least part of a normal childhood. Having gone through it all ourselves we knew only too well what they were going through. I can remember so clearly the huge smiles of relief on the teachers' faces when I went into our son's school and told them we were no longer JWs and that from now on he was free to join in all activities. We received a lot of support from the teachers as many of them knew how difficult it was for us.

    Our son's class teacher told me some heartbreaking stories of what some JW children had to endure, including the distress they experienced whenever a child in the class had a birthday. She wondered if their parents really understood the pressures such young children were under.

    She also told me a tragic tale of a previous year when two 6/7 year old JW children had to sit in the corner of the classroom watching all their classmates enjoying the Christmas party because their parents forgot to come and fetch them before the party started! The teacher felt awful but there was nowhere else for them to go without being under supervision and they were too young to be left in a room on their own. Therefore, not only were they forced to watch the others having fun but I can imagine they would also be terrified that somehow they were involved in the pagan activities by being in the same room, wondering if Jehovah would punish them for it. Goodness only knows what lasting affect this would have on the poor little kiddies.

    The GB has a lot to answer for!!!!!!

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    these posts have been very enlightening to me because I was not raised a witness I became one when I was 36 & had no previous jw contact & have no children. I wasn't paying attention to the kids in the congregation so I was oblivious to their distress.

    the only thing I remember was after a book study a couple was having their anniversary so I brought a cake to celebrate & I had their names put on the cake they were raised in's so she looked at the cake for awhile & said she had never seen a cake with her name on it & it kind of freaked her out a little & I said whats the problem theres nothing wrong with it but it made her uncomfortable.

    I see now how damaging that can be.

  • shopaholic


    ilovebirthdays, that was very nice of you to explain to the little the boy that cupcake was for anything that might violate his parents principles.

    BTW, when I was in school, I never sang the birthday song but ate the cake, cupcake, cookies, etc. and played the games for everyone's birthday since I never got to do anything for my own.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    A lot of modern Dub parents are home schooling their kids nowadays. On one hand it helps them avoid the sort of situations many of us hated at school as Dub kids. On the other, it isolates them even further from society and they grow up with huge holes in their knowledge and experience about how the world really works; they're entirely shaped by the Borg. It must suck to be them even worse than it sucked for us old-school born-ins.

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