I'm glad my children don't have to grow up being afraid of cupcakes

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  • Ilovebirthdays

    Yesterday, I brought a batch of cupcakes to my son's school. In passing them out, I started to give one to one of the children, who was a JW. He immediately started freaking out and screaming "No thank you" over and over. So I got down to his level, and told him that it wasn't a cupcake for birthdays, it wasn't a cupcake for holidays, it was a cupcake (I almost used the word celebrating here, but decided that wouldn't be a good idea) because it was the last day of school. I told him I wouldn't make him take one, but since it wasn't a holdiay or birthday cupcake, I asked him if he wanted it. His eyes lit up, and he got the biggest smile on his face, and said "Oh, yes". I've helped 3 days a week in that school, and I'd never seen that child smile a smile that actually made it into his eyes. Two weeks into the school year, I thought it was really odd that he didn't ever seem to play, he just seemed to go through the motions of playing, and secretly voted him "most likely to go postal" in my head. And I didn't even know he was a JW at the time. I didn't know until the teacher said something right before Christmas about him being one. It made me really sad to think how many days I had been there, and never saw him smile a real smile.

    Going home, I remembered an incident from when I was fairly young. Once my mom decided she wanted to go to a certain restaurant that was far fancier than any place we'd ever been to. The waitress asked what the special occasion was for our being there. My mom said we were just going to lunch, or something along those lines. So after the meal, the waitress and other people from the restaurant brought me a cupcake after the meal. She said something about my mom and I celebrating our time together, and I remember getting all upset, and telling her I couldn't have it. My mom told me I could, and I remember feeling this absolute luxurious feeling that I was doing something bad and getting away with it, but the more I thought about it, the more I wondered if eating the cupcake was actually wrong, and I was really upset afterward that I had eaten it.

    I'm just glad my children won't grow up looking at cupcakes as something to be afraid of. To them, they're nothing more than a treat.

  • Jadeen

    Ugh, the memories of being an outcast in school because of not participating in anything fun. I was a very quiet and shy little girl, and being so different from the other kids didn't help.

    I'm so glad that I'm out and that any kids that I might have will not go through what I did.

  • StAnn

    It's a wonder any of us are even remotely functional adults.


  • NiceDream

    That was really kind of you to help that child and make him smile! It's so sad a cupcake can be so evil.

    I was a shy, quiet kid and hated being a spectacle for refusing certain things. I wanted to be normal and not feel guilty about doing something "wrong" like coloring a turkey near Thanksgiving time. One girl in my elementary class made me a special card for Valentine's day that was a "friendship" card so I wasn't left out. It made me feel special!

  • Cagefighter

    I was taking a dump at my parents house a while back and an old copy of the School and Jw's brochure was in the bathroom. Needing reading material I thumbed through it. I remember the shame I felt having to give that to my teachers every year but I felt sorry for my teachers having to receive that consending crap and not say, WTF?!?!?

  • Heaven

    That kid is a candidate for growing up as a sniper atop a water tower with a sawed-off shotgun! The cupcakes didn't look like this, did they?

    Smurf Cupcakes

  • marmot

    Uhh, sniping atop a water tower with a sawn-off shotgun would make the kid retarded, not psychotic.

  • Ilovebirthdays

    No, Heaven, they didn't look like that. But they DID have blue sprinkles on top of them. Upon further thought, it had to be the blue sprinkles, right?

  • Pandoras cat11
    Pandoras cat11

    You are the cool mom that brought cupcakes!!! Good for you!! I was shy as well and was mortified when celebrations came around. Can't add anything new to that. Again, you get kudos for volunteering and being part of your son's school and a double thumbs up for making a kid smile.

  • Heaven

    Uhh, sniping atop a water tower with a sawn-off shotgun would make the kid retarded, not psychotic.

    Charles Whitman, the Texas Tower Sniper was described as psychotic. He definitely wasn't retarded if he could make it into University and the Marine Corps.


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